Good News For 'Girl Meets World'

The nostalgia is strong within Girl Meets World, and apparently so is the promise of the first season: Disney's just upped Girl Meets World 's episode order for a full season of 21 episodes, so you can expect more of Corey and Topanga and their titular prodigy than was previously guaranteed.

That memorable Topanga of it all, Danielle Fishel, tweeted the news on Tuesday, saying that she “Got the great news tonight that #GirlMeetsWorld was picked up for 8 more episodes – a total of 21! Can’t wait for everyone to see them all."

It all reads pretty well for those of us who are still waiting all fidgety by the sidelines waiting for them to just premiere the damn thing already. But, hey, at least it seems as if Disney's pretty confident in the series, and they have to know there'll be a lot of eyes on that first season, if only because of the combined hordes of their actual demographic and the people who watched Boy Meets World the first time around and are very invested in being assured that Shawn and Cory are still best friends forever.

I just... I need to know that Shawn's OK, is that too much to ask?

Image: Disney