Olympic Village Hookups: 6 Couples We Wish Would Get Together at the 2014 Sochi Games

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There are many reasons we idolize Olympic athletes: for their dogged perseverance, their indomitable spirits, their superhuman accomplishments, and, of course, their physical excellence. Fortunately or unfortunately, athletes no longer compete in the nude, but we can still sit back and admire the fine physiques of these perfect specimens.

Odds are, the athletes themselves aren’t immune to the charms of their fellow Olympians. Which got us thinking: When they’re not off valiantly striving for Gold medal glory, what are these athletes up to? We’re willing to bet that there is more than a little — ahem — fraternizing with the enemy going on during off-hours in Sochi’s luxurious Olympic Village. After all, love knows no team, right? If it were up to us, here are the athletes we'd like to see hook up in the Olympic Village — and though we'd love to include LGBT couples, we all know about Russia's despicable stance on that.

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