This Is Where To Meet People On Valentine's Day

So you're single on Valentine's Day. NBD. But you can cash in on that singleness by tapping locales where other weird, wacky, wonderful singles might happen to be. I'm not talking about some kind of singles' dating scene soiree, though if that's something you're interested in, you should go for it. I'm talking about the scores of other things to do out in the world that cross your path with other people's paths, and in so doing, just might introduce you to someone lovely.

I think a lot of people think of being single as this curse, or something for which to seek a cure, or a momentary period of semi-panic in between cushier times of relationshipdom. And while I do prefer a healthy, happy relationship to being single, I also know that in the times when I have been single, I've been happiest when I just live my life, and let things happen, as opposed to racing around like a lunatic in search of my next partner. Quite plainly, that doesn't work, though zillions of online daters might beg to differ. In any event, if you're hoping to meet people on Valentine's Day, here are some not-insane ideas.

1. Yoga Class

Or spin class. Or a group run situation. Or a bicycle gang. Whatever the case may be, kill definitely one and possibly two birds with one stone by working out in a group setting. Look around the room (or park, depending on what kind of exercise you choose) and see if anyone else is also looking around the room. It is Valentine's Day, after all. If you lock eyes — and better yet, if you get a smile — muster up your courage and ask this possibly-single person out for a smoothie afterward.

2. Coffee Shop

Since V-Day is on a Sunday this year, plant yourself at your favorite cozy coffee joint with a good book and scope the scene. It's pretty safe to say that anyone at a coffee shop on Valentine's Day solo is single. If someone catches your fancy, go ask them what book they're reading or if that weird triple-shot whatever drink they're sipping is any good. Basically just go say something. It doesn't really matter what. If they're interested too, they'll let you know.

3. Online

OK, even though I said what I said about online dating, I will admit that it is a good resource when on the prowl for a date. Tinder your way to a Valentine's Day first date, which in and of itself pretty much guarantees that it will be weird, but that's fine. Could be fun too. Weird and fun are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

4. Traveling

There's no better way to celebrate a solo V-Day than by booking a sweet long weekend with yourself. Again, anyone you come across who appears to be unaccompanied is likely single too, so don't be shy if someone piques your interest.

5. Dog-Walking

It doesn't matter if the dog isn't yours. Volunteer to take a pal's dog for a long walk — chances are, your friend will happily accept — and see if ol' Spot detects any dapper singles out there for you. Stranger things have happened.

6. Through Friends

It would definitely be a different first date than most, but there's nothing stopping you from querying friends for other like-minded single people who might want a V-Day date with you. If you're searching, others are too.

7. At A Dance Party

Don your sparkliest of getups and hit the floor for a night of carousing on V-Day. Anyone not paired up is fair game.

8. At A Bar

Bars on Valentine's Day can go morose fast, so do your research and find one that is known for bringing the positive vibes. From there, the world = your oyster.

9. At An Event

Go to a poetry reading, a salon, a puppet show — really, the outlet doesn't matter. Just get out there and attend something you're interested in. Anyone else in attendance will automatically be interested in the same thing, which is a great ice-breaker.

10. On A Walk

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, take a long walk through your nabe and see who else is out there, walking the streets. At very least, you'll have some fresh air and move your body around.

11. Meditation Centers

Go to a meditation center for some good, old-fashioned Valentine's Day meditation.

12. Take Public Transportation

Again, since V-Day is on a Sunday this year, anyone who is sitting solo might be single. They also might be en route to meet their boo, so don't get too excited if you see Princess Charming across the way. But it can't hurt to strike up a conversation or hand a random stranger your number. (Well, unless they are a stalker.)

13. Volunteer

Are you a dog-lover? Do you like to cook? Are you an advocate for the homeless? Channel your inner Mother Teresa into doing some good this V-Day. If someone cute and equally philanthropic happens to be volunteering with you, all the better. If not, you'll still feel good about yourself.

14. At A Tasting Event

I really would advise against singles events on the whole — though I admit I've never been to one, so what do I know. In any event, a random singles event may not be the way on V-Day, but a focused event, like a wine-tasting or three-course tasting menu, might be just the ticket. And your fellow drinkers or diners will be guaranteed to be single, so — yay.

15. Galleries Or Museums

Galleries and museums can be really sensual. And if the hottie to your left is standing alone, say something. You have a conversation-starter literally staring at you.

16. Choose Your Own Adventure

Pick your favorite of these ideas, and add your own to the mix. Plan a magical day for yourself — yoga, then coffee and reading in the morning, public transport to your favorite museum or gallery, volunteering at a dog shelter afterward, a singles' foodie event in the evening, that kind of thing. And just do it. It'll be a wonderful day, regardless of whom you may or may not meet.

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