11 Teresa And Joe Giudice Moments On & Off 'RHONJ' That Prove Their Love For Each Other Is So Sweet

You know what the real test of any relationship is? Time and trouble. Put any couple through a ton of years together and throw a whole heck of a lot of drama in the mix, and you'll find out real fast just how strong their relationship is. Case-in-point: The relationship between The Real Housewives of New Jersey 's Teresa and Joe Giudice. If any couple on reality television has been through the test of time and trouble, it's these two. Though the show may have, at times, highlighted the low points in the couple's marriage, there have also been plenty of great moments between the two both on and off the infamous reality television franchise. With 16 years of marriage under their belt, four crazy kids, and side-by-side prison sentences that they've both been ordered to serve, it's safe to say Joe and Teresa Giudice have been put through the marital ringer.

But I'm pretty convinced that they have only come out of this ordeal stronger. Scrolling through some of their best moments from the show and from their life together, it's clear that their love is strong. Even if it's sometimes very troubled.

Because, through it all, these two support each other in their own unique way, and these moments prove just how connected this couple is.

When They Went On Watch What Happens: Live Together

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Because host Andy Cohen had some tough questions for them, and they were clearly there to support each other.

When Joe Tried To Keep His Family Afloat Without Teresa

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Even when she was away for a year, they spoke every day and relied on each other to get through the lonely time.

When Joe Defended Teresa Against Her Brother

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It was far from a sweet, romantic moment, but the minute Joe found out that her brother called her scum, he was ready to defend her honor.

When They Made Date Night A Priority


Even if they couldn’t figure out how to cheers.

When They Were Awesome Parents To Their Four Daughters


You’d make that face too.

When Teresa Tried To Keep The Fire Alive


And wasn’t afraid to show it off to the cameras… or her daughters.

When They Were Couldn’t Keep Their Hands Off Of Each Other


Not even with a producer and multiple cameramen in the room.

When They Stood By Each Other Despite Their Legal Issues

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The couple's marriage could have easily broken down in the face of this hardship, but they stuck together to support each other through this time.

When They Matched Their Kids

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Gotta love a complementary color palette.

When They Were So Sweet And Affectionate On The Red Carpet

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Not even the flash of those camera lights can make their love fade.

When They Supported Each Other's Business Ventures

Even in the middle of a photoshoot, these two can't keep their hands off of each other.

So, while their relationship may have been put through the ringer a time or two throughout the show, Joe and Teresa have definitely had their fair share of really sweet moments.

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