Aria Is More Suspicious Than Ever On 'PLL'

After a slow start that caught fans up what the Liars have been doing for the past five years, Pretty Little Liars Season raised the stakes at the end of "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood." Just hours after being released from a mental hospital, Charlotte DiLaurentis died, in what was initially thought to be a suicide, but later proven a murder. Her body was found outside the Rosewood church, and the autopsy revealed that she was already dead after her body was thrown from the clock tower. So it seems there's a new mystery to unravel on Season 6B, and a suspect has already risen to the top. Did Aria kill Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars ? It seems that the former A may have been murdered by one of her victims.

At Charlotte's hearing, all of the other Liars said that her release would not make them feel unsafe. This wasn't how they really felt, but they did so as a favor to Ali, who wanted a chance to rebuild her family. Aria, however, could not hide her feelings. She told the judge that she is still afraid of Charlotte, and that what A did to her haunts her to this day. Despite that testimony, Charlotte was released, and after spending a nice night home with Ali, was found dead. That means that she died while of the Liars were hanging out and getting drunk in Hanna's hotel room — pretty similar to the night they were all drugged in Spencer's barn and Ali went missing. That alone is enough to suggest that one of them could be responsible, and previews for next week's episode move Aria to the top of the suspect list.

In the promo for "Charlotte's Web," one of the Liars directly questions Aria, who is seen on security footage leaving the hotel that night. It seems she had enough time to leave, kill Charlotte, and return, while her friends were passed out. However, the previews also pointed to another suspect: Ezra. It seems he actually saw Charlotte enter the church where she died, and since he is going through a lot in Season 6B, might just be unhinged enough to kill someone. I'd say if we have to tune in to find out if Ezra, Aria, or both were involved in Charlotte's death, but this is Pretty Little Liars. This mystery will undoubtedly take seasons to solve.

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Image: Ron Tom/Freeform