'American Idol' Contestant Ellis Banks Sings "Born This Way" And Wins The Title For Most Entertaining Performance Of The Season

"This is my Jesus headpiece." Well, this season of American Idol certainly isn't disappointing on the crazy auditions. The latest? 25-year-old Ellis Banks from Indianapolis, Indiana. After a disappointing showing in Philadelphia, the judges had just about given up hope on the City of Brotherly Love. But Banks was able to lift their spirits with a unique look and entertaining interpretation of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." While his performance wasn't Hollywood worthy, it was certainly buzz worthy.

Banks, a self-proclaimed superstar, arrived in a... not-so-traditional audition outfit. His bedazzled underwear and vest ensemble was topped with a "Jesus headpiece." While this accessory is not a thing now, he's certain it will be (both a superstar AND trendsetter!) so he, of course, gifted one to each of the judges. Once he was done explaining his fashion choices, the 25-year-old announced he would be singing "Born This Way." Honestly, this was the best song for him and I'm so glad he chose it — I just wish his vocals were a little better.

Though the vocals weren't great, the performance was amazing. Starting with a dramatic hit-the-floor dip, Banks sang "Born This Way" the way you'd imagine any man wearing bedazzled underwear would — powerfully and with lots of energy. Though his voice didn't win over the judges, his positive demeanor and upbeat personality did. Banks added a level of fun to the auditions that no one has yet in this competition. While he didn't win a ticket to Hollywood, he certainly won over the judge's hearts. What could be better than that?

Image: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX