Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kit Has A Flowery Name

It's a new day and there's some awesome new intel! Yesterday, Kylie Jenner revealed her Valentine's Day Lip Kit by sharing a photo of one of the three new shades in the collection, asking fans to help her choose a name for the bright pink hue. How did her crowdsourcing go? What name did she eventually chose for the deep pink shade that will boast a new formula, according to her caption? Well, she selected a pretty and flowery name for the new liquid lipstick, despite getting a lot of viable and sexy suggestions.

The new shade is named Posie K, like the flower. The shade is certainly different than its predecessors, which are nude neutrals. Posie K is certainly punched up and bolder. It's not a neutral by any means!

Earlier in the day, the Twitterverse expressed its excitement about new Lip Kit colors. Jenner eventually confirmed the name with her legion of fans and she also shared more images of the shade in the form of a swatch painted on the back of her hand and in the thin, glass tube packaging. Lip Kit fanatics are able to see the product in real time and IRL, as opposed to the promo image that Jenner initially shared to break the news!

Here's Posie K in all of its glory. This shot totally reminds me of the Rocky Horror lips. However, what you need to notice is that part where Jenner mentioned something about gifting fans with Posie K when the V. Day collection launches. I wonder what that's all about, especially since the "Season 1" of her Lip Kits sold out quickly upon launch and the restock, leading to tons of frustrated fans.

Posie posed with Candy and Dolce from the original trifecta of colors! When paired with the others, you can truly appreciate that it is a pop of color.

Finally, you can see how the rosy Posie pops against the skin in this live swatch form. It's super pretty and there are so many Posie-bilities! The name is so girlish and sweet.

Jenner also shared that she is working on a new Lip Kit formula. We can realistically expect the Val Day Lip Kits to land relatively soon, so that her team can ship them to arrive in time for the holiday, which is exactly one month away. Weeeeeeee!

Images: Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (3)