The Only "Hot Dudes" Instagram You Need To Follow

Attention, lovers of cats and attractive men: The Hot Dudes with Kittens Instagram is finally upon us. If you're anything like me, you've been courageously suffering through the myriad "Hot Dudes" Instagram accounts for years — the beefcakes in bed, the dashing dudes with dogs, the beauties with books. This isn't to say that the various and sundry "Attractive Men Plus Object" accounts weren't enjoyable, but all the while we were our time for the day we knew would one day come. I'm speaking, of course, about the day an Instagram account combines two of the greatest things known to man: Wildly attractive men and cats.

Today is that day. Meet Hot Dudes with Kittens, aka your new favorite way to waste time during lunch breaks and awkward social interactions. True to its name, the Instagram features nothing but page after page of hotties cuddling fluffy, adorable kittens. The account has something for everyone in its carefully-curated selection of both men (male models, amateurs, and celebrities in varying degrees of shirtlessness) and cats (short hair, long hair, calico, tabby, and much more).

"I just love cats... and felt it would be empowering for animals when they are coupled with good-looking, caring dudes," the genius creator of the account tells Bustle. They add that submission standards are fairly lax as long as it's good quality and cat-and-hottie focused, although it never hurts if "the guy looks like he adores the cat."

Unsurprisingly (because cats are amazing) there's no shortage of adoring looks in the photos — although the cats don't always appear to be enjoying themselves as much as the men.

Other cats just look confused but resigned to the antics of their owners.

The details vary, but there's one constant: The dudes are hot like burning. Someone get me a cold compress.

Admittedly, like most "Hot Dudes Plus Object" Instagrams, the account is a little lacking in diversity. Most of the hot dudes in question largely appear white, and I was hard-pressed to find a subject of color. However, the creator made a point of noting that they "do not discriminate against anyone," and they merely collect content rather than creating it. The lack of diversity speaks more to cultural standards of beauty than any sort of discrimination on the part of the account.

After all, such Instagrams reflect cultural ideas of what makes a "Hot Dude," and until that expands beyond its current narrow definition (white, toned, and able-bodied), it's not surprising that they feature little diversity. On the other hand, that doesn't mean we shouldn't expect more diversity, and hopefully Hot Dudes with Kittens will include more people of color in the future.

That being said, the lack of diversity doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sight of a bunch of hot men cuddling cats. Can we call this the pinnacle of the "Hot Dudes" trend and go home? You can check out more at Hot Dudes with Kittens.

Images: Courtesy of Hot Dudes with Kittens/Instagram (8)