Meet Karen's 'RHOP' Husband

by Kayla Hawkins

Bravo may be promoting its new show The Real Housewives of Potomac with the assumption that no one knows anything about Potomac, Maryland. But, like all other Housewives franchises, the key things to know are pretty obvious: The community is wealthy and tight-knit, the women can be fiercely competitive, and their marriages — or lack thereof — can be either a blessing or a sore spot for the cast. Karen Huger's husband, Raymond, is a high roller in the D.C./Potomac community, as the founder and CEO of Paradigm, a technology company. Given the success of Raymond's business and Karen's background, it seems like the Hugers will be the stately couple in the Real Housewives of Potomac cast. I see them as the east coast's version of the Vanderpumps from Beverly Hills, or perhaps the Mid-Atlantic answer to Countess LuAnn.

And, the rest of the cast will probably need to bow down or face some serious consequences, because Karen seems prepared to take anyone who refuses to accept her as the queen bee of this cast — and as the queen bee of the entire city of Potomac. And, I think that Raymond will prove to be a worthy partner for Karen as she searches for Real Housewives of Potomac domination.

They've Been Married Forever

According to her Bravo blog, Raymond and Karen have been married for 19 years. Sometimes Housewives series show couples who have unstable or new marriages — not so for Karen and Raymond, who have been together for a while now.

They Look Super Cute Together

At least in this Instagram photo, the Hugers look like they couldn't possibly be more in love. Even though going on reality TV can screw with some people's marriages, I'm hoping that they can get through it. They both seem tough, have been through almost 20 years of marriage, and are adorable.

He's Received Business Accolades

In 2004 and 2005, Raymond was named a top entrepreneur by US Black Engineer & Information Technology. His response to the reward was confident yet humble, saying, "I am honored to have been named one of the top entrepreneurs [...] Paradigm Solutions has a major strength within our diverse population of very capable people, and a legacy of strong customer partnerships and IT innovation."

He's Been Very Successful

As the owner and CEO for the past 19 years, the Hugers have a pretty neat little net worth of $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Not that that's uncommon for a Housewives family, but it just proves that this couple is very, very financially stable, and explains why they both seem to have a taste for such fine things.

They Have Two Kids

The Hugers are parents to two college-age children, but judging from her Halloween picture from IG, Karen finds some creative ways to beat empty nest syndrome.

They Run A Political Household Together

Clearly, if Karen is hosting politicians like Congresswoman Donna Edwards in their home, Raymond must be comfortable having his political allegiances out there. Potomac is, of course, very close to Washington, D.C., so maybe that also gives an insight to the local culture.

And, He Must Love To Party

Karen loves to throw parties, whether it's a family birthday party or a huge soiree. I'd expect most of the Real Housewives of Potomac events to go down in her home, so Raymond must either be a social butterfly himself or happily let Karen take the lead.

Image: Larry French/Bravo; Giphy