Check Out These Powerball Consolation Prizes

So you didn't win Powerball — that's OK. Plenty of businesses are offering Powerball consolation prizes to help take the sting off of losing. If you've checked your ticket multiple times to make sure you don't have any of the winning numbers, and no monetary Powerball consolation prize to collect, that's OK. You can indulge yourself in Krispy Kreme today, or even check out a free gym session thanks to these generous businesses who are giving out love in exchange for your losing Powerball ticket. Yes, that's right — you can still be a winner, just not a billionaire.

All that money is probably overrated anyway (at least that's what I'm telling myself). Imagine all the family and friends who would squabble over who gets what, or how alienating it would generally be to be rich beyond your wildest dreams. But you know what does feel good? Doughnuts. And tacos. And shoes. Thankfully, there are some ways you can redeem your Powerball loss woes for some pretty nifty consolation prizes, thanks to the genius marketing and social teams of some local and international businesses. So what are you waiting for? Stop sulking about not being a millionaire, and realize you're rich already. That Powerball ticket is going to get you some pretty neat deals after all.

1. Get some Krispy Kremes

To make you feel better about your Powerball loss, Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen original glazed doughnuts for $4.99. I don't know about you, but I will always choose doughnuts over lottery tickets.

2. Work out for free

One good way to shake off stress? Hitting the gym. Present your losing Powerball ticket to a Gold's Gym between now and Jan. 31, and work out free for a day.

3. Go to an IMAX movie

IMAX and the Museum of Discovery & Science in Florida tweeted a $2 off coupon for IMAX or IMAX/museum combos with your losing Powerball ticket. The $2 savings isn't much, but it will offset the cost of your losing ticket.

4. Buy some shoes

Steve Madden is holding a consolatory boot sale for all of us Powerball losers, so we can really be winners with cute things on our feet.

5. Eat a taco

If you're in New York, take your losing Powerball ticket to Tres Carnes for $2 off your taco order. Drown your sorrows in tacos!

6. Treat yourself to an Edible Arrangement

Between now and Jan. 15, you can redeem your losing Powerball ticket at Edible Arrangements to get $10 off an Edible Arrangement worth $29.

7. Head to Vegas

If you're hell bent on winning a jackpot, head to the Plaza in Las Vegas, present your losing Powerball ticket, and get $25 reimbursed for free slot play.

8. Get some sides with your meal

If you like the way "free" and "food" sound when they're put together, and you're in Nashville, head down to Logan's Roadhouse for free rolls and peanuts.

Keep an eye out in your local area too. The cafes, bars, and restaurants around you might have their Powerball loser deals advertised on sandwich boards, or in their windows. See? Losing isn't so bad.