'Degrassi: Next Class' Spoilers From The Cast Reveal The Netflix Series Is Ready To Pull Some Punches

Degrassi is back y'all — can I say "y'all" for a Canadian series? Doesn't matter, the teen drama has been revived on Netflix with an all new series, however, fans of the show will recognize many of the characters and the controversies that will kickoff the season already. For those already devoted fans, let's get into spoilers for Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix from actors Sara Waisglass, Ana Golja, and Ricardo Hoyos that take a form most high school students should be fluent in: emojis.

They'll preview both the season ahead, and the journeys of their characters Frankie Hollingsworth, Zoë Rivas, and Zig Novak specifically. Also, I learned that using emojis is maybe the most appropriate way to talk about Degrassi on Netflix, based on what they have planned for this season. I'm all for it, and not just because it represents Generation Z and the new set of complications they face in High School thanks to social media.

When we return to the hallowed halls of Degrassi High (which almost burned down in the last season thanks to Miles), Zoë and Zig will be juniors, while Frankie is a sophomore. Zoë recently developed unexpected feelings for a friend, Frankie is trying to make a name for herself outside of her prestigious family, and Zig is just looking for a loving home. Straight from the stars of Degrassi: Next Class, here are your official emoji spoilers:

Sara Waisglass, "Frankie Hollingsworth"

Frankie has a twin brother, Hunter, so that middle emoji could be referring to either relationship drama or trouble at home — which with the Hollingsworth, there almost always is.

Ana Golja, "Zoë Rivas"

That's a confused face in the middle — confused and distressed, I would imagine.

Ricardo Hoyos, "Zig Novak"

This is maybe my favorite, if only because I'm a huge fan of using multiple emojis in a row for emphasis. My guess is that the walking dude is an allusion to Zig's living situation, which was in flux last season.

From the looks of all of these choices, it looks like one connective thread is relationship drama, and isn't that always the case at Degrassi? These are all so emotional! As for the first official season of Degrassi: Next Class season as a whole? A bunch of cell phones. "Our whole season is cell phones," Waisglass tells me. She also says that there is one specific emoji that would completely ruin the season, but would not reveal which one. Start scrolling through your iPhones now! I can't wait to watch and figure that one out.

One of the best things about watching Degrassi in its many incarnations, from the original 1980s series to Degrassi: The Next Generation (which later became simply Degrassi, but still aired on TeenNick in the United States) is how it incorporates the changes in technology in the storytelling. You'll even notice that every episode in the Netflix season is named after a popular hashtag. However, as these emoji spoilers illustrate, the one thing that never changes on Degrassi is the conflict and drama, which makes its return even more exciting!

Images: Stephen Scott/Epitome Pictures; Leah Thomas (2)