Will Liam Kill Ted Pryce On 'The Royals'? The Season 2 Finale Could End Up Making Him A Murderer

For being a pivotal member of such a corrupt family, Liam has always managed to rise above it all and not let himself be swayed over to the darkness. But now that he's about to find out that Ted Pryce was the one who killed King Simon (thanks to Jasper's super sleuthing skills), I'm starting to worry that this could become a major turning point for Liam, and not necessarily in a good way. You see, one of Liam's greatest strengths is that he's always had genuinely good intentions. But just like with any hero, they have the power to be corrupted. So what if this newfound knowledge of Simon's death results in Liam killing Pryce in The Royals Season 2 finale?

While it's still unclear whether or not King Simon is Liam and Eleanor's biological father, they both loved him fiercely nonetheless, which means they could go to any lengths to avenge his death. So while Liam may not be a natural born killer, that doesn't mean he won't let his temper get the best of him and take justice into his own hands. But is a death for a death really the right solution here? The public wants and deserves a better ruler than the one Cyrus is proving to be. They believe #KingLiam could be the answer to their prayers, but if he decides to become a murderer, then he, in turn, will prove to be no better than all the others.

I mean, just look at the expression on his face. There's definitely a possibility his anger could get the best of him. And look, it's not that I don't understand why Liam would want to see Ted killed. What he did to the king was unthinkable and certainly unforgivable. But as potentially the next rightful heir to the throne, he can't just be thinking about revenge. He has an entire country to consider and that should come before any personal vendettas. He should let Ted rot behind bars for what he's done. Not make himself a murderer in the process. And you just know that once the anger subsided that his guilty conscience would catch up with him.

Granted, I could be completely wrong about all of this. Perhaps Liam will take the news better than expected and confront Ted in a civil manner. But judging from Liam's temper in the finale promos (and the fact that he's at one point shown holding a gun), I'm thinking that the series has a much bigger confrontation in mind. As The Royals more than proved with King Simon's death, they aren't afraid to kill off important characters. Who's to say that Ted won't share the same type of fate?

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Liam has the potential to be a fantastic leader and become everything Simon knew he could be. Let's hope that's the way he'll choose to honor his father's memory, rather than with more bloodshed and violence. As Jasper so wisely puts it: "Even if it's justified, you can't come back from this." The country deserves better than that from him — and so, in fact, does Simon.

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