11 Epic 'Saved By The Bell' Glamour Shots

by Mary Grace Garis

When you're thinking of a throwback treat, it's hard not to think of Zack Morris and his friends. Saved By The Bell is hilariously '90s a show that is aggressively, and delightfully, of-its-time. So as the ultimate #tbt treat, I dug out these lulz-worthy, vintage Saved By The Bell promo shots. And though they're chalked up into bold pieces of nostalgia now, let's face facts: these Saved By The Bell photos would wallpaper your '90s childhood bedroom.

I know that's embarrassing to admit, but, well, most things Saved By The Bell-related are entirely embarrassing. There was just so many pairs of high-waisted acid wash mom jeans, you know? But back in its prime, you would look at that cast of crazy kids and it would be goddamn aspirational. Like, you wanted to be a part of that squad so much it physically hurt. Of course you kept plenty of pictures of them around in a proto-Pinterest world (granted, I personally was two years old when the original series ended, but SBTB lived on in my childhood through re-runs, sooooo)...

Anyway, check out these retro Saved By The Bell pics and just imagine where they would've fit into your totally tubular '90s life...

1. This Jessie Spano Glamour Shot

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

You would've left this shot on your mother's dresser so she could see what you wanted to pick up the mall this weekend. Like, that floral body suit is going to elevate you from nerd, to... what do you mean it's too adult for me? IT'S A LOOK, MOM, EVERYONE IS DOING IT, WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO BE UNPOPULAR?!

2. This Glamour Shot Of Jessie's Gorgeous Mane

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

You would tape this one to your vanity mirror so you have everyday perm-spiration.

3. This Picture Of Jessie As A Working Girl

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

You put this one in your beach bag along with your swim shoes and neon sunglasses. One day you'd be old enough to have a cool ass job at Malibu Sands.

4. This Shot Of Slater Putting On Some Sweet Tunes

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

You slipped this one to your friend when passing notes in math class, he just looks so great. Those dimples! That shirt! What a hunk!

5. This Total Cheesecake Shot Of Slater

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

You keep this one under your pillow. Why under your pillow? Um, that's private (although, if we're being serious, you're really not quite sure yourself).

6. This Really Dignified Slater Picture

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

It's less racy than the previous picture, and it pretty much looks like a school photo, so obviously you're gonna put it in your locker.

7. This Heart-Stopping Slater Picture

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Uhhh, this one is just left on your shag carpet because your friend brought it over to ogle at a sleepover and you can't stop rolling around and freaking out about it.

8. This Shot Where Slater Wants You To Keep The Head In The Game

Maureen Donaldson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

You keep it in the girls' locker room in hopes that it'll motivate you into caring about P.E., but so far... no.

9. This Swoon-Worthy Zack Picture

Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

It has a starring role on your wall of cuties and celebrity crushes, right next to your New Kids On The Block poster.

10. This Promo Pic Of The SBTB College Years

Fotos International/Archive Photos/Getty Images

On the bottom of your pink wicker waste basket under many old copies of Tiger Beat. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

11. This Final, Immaculate Jessie Photo

Ron Wolfson/Archive Photos/Getty Images

In the pages of your Lisa Frank trapper keeper, to remind you of a simpler time before the show got cancelled.