Who Is The Good Looking Reporter From 'Making A Murderer'? Aaron Keller Moved To The Other Side Of Investigating

Move over, Anderson Cooper, there's a new guy in town and his name is Aaron Keller and he made Making a Murderer a little more bearable and less rage-inducing. Why, you ask? Well, have you seen him? The man dubbed the Silver Fox on Making a Murderer has captured the hearts of many watching the Netflix documentary series, and now you probably want to know a little more about him. I don't blame you. So, what is there to know about Aaron "Silver Fox" Keller?

People spoke to Keller about his newfound fame after the documentary aired, saying:

It just feels odd. It's very different for me, having left broadcast television for many years, to suddenly be thrust back into it and in a way that I never, frankly, played when I was journalist... My greatest fear is that it's distracting us from the more serious issues that the documentary presents... I can't explain how much this case weighed on me.

OK, so it sounds like Keller feels ~weird~ about being called a Silver Fox by strangers, which, hey, I totally get S.F. With that said, there's a lot more to Keller than a handsome face. (And, if you want to see what Keller looks like nowadays, find your way over to his LinkedIn.)

Back in the day, Keller was a news anchor. On his LinkedIn, he cites himself as the "primary journalist assigned to investigate and cover the highly controversial criminal prosecution of Steven Avery." Now, Keller has taken on a new career. After a few more years in the newsroom (he moved to Kansas City for a bit as well as Albany, NY), Keller started the journey into law. Personally, I'd like to think it was covering Avery's case that piqued his interest in a law degree, but that's probably more of a plot line for a Lifetime movie than it is real life.

Keller was a law student at the University of New Hampshire School of Law (class of 2013). After graduating from law school, he appears to have moved on to academia as a professor of English and communications at New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord's Community College. According to his LinkedIn, he's been a professor there since August 2013.

You never know where Keller's J.D. may take him. Perhaps one day he'll find himself involved in a new Steven Avery case.

Images: Netflix