Donald Trump Turns Being Booed Into A Positive

In an unusual turn of events, Donald Trump was booed by the audience at Thursday night's Republican presidential debate, and somehow twisted it in his favor. After all, if any person is good at turning negative publicity into good publicity, it's Donald Trump (and Kim Kardashian). Continuous bickering with Ted Cruz — who is currently in second place on the GOP side, according to national polls — was the theme of the early part of the event. However, it seems some Republicans are coming around to more traditional candidates, potentially leaving new-politicians (see: Trump) in Republican candidacy history.

The conversation that sparked the crowd reaction began with Trump bragging about his polling numbers to the moderators and his fellow candidates. He then suggested that if Ted Cruz were elected president, Democrats would sue; who exactly they would sue is unclear — Cruz for winning? — but he explained, "I already know that the Democrats will sue," and then continued by making a crack at Cruz's citizenship:

If you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. And you should go out and get a declaratory judgment.

This is an ongoing battle between the two candidates, especially as Trump is well-known to bring up presidential eligibility and citizenship issues; however, no response may satisfy The Donald, considering proof of the president's citizenship still hasn't convinced him President Obama is legally eligible for the presidency. Anyway, Trump continued:

There’s a big question mark on your head, and you can’t do that to the party. The Democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. And you have to have certainty.

But then the audience booed Trump, and his very next statement was regarding Nikki Haley's jabs in her Republican response to the State of the Union, which has left many wondering about his feelings on the remarks. The audience was probably expecting him to go off, but instead he said, "I am a friend. We're friends," continuing:

I’m very angry, because our country is being run horribly. I will gladly accept the mantle of anger. Yes, I am angry. So when Nicky said that, I wasn’t offended. She said the truth.

What? In a matter of three minutes, Trump performed magic; he turned negative audience sentiment into a personal embrace of the persona with which the entire GOP has designated him. It goes to show it is his resilience, if nothing else, that keeps Trump in this race for the White House.