Hillary Clinton Admits Bernie Sanders Is Creating A "Tight Race" On Her Latest 'Tonight Show' Trip

After her Republican opponents duked it out on the debate stage in Charleston, South Carolina, on Thursday night, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton took on a very different kind of stage. Joining Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Clinton admitted Bernie Sanders had created a "tight race" in the Democratic primary, despite what the polls say. She also exercised her selfie game, taking Snapchat videos with Fallon — so relatable, right?

As much fun as Fallon likes to have, he made sure to ask Clinton some serious questions about her campaign and the race she's running. Her closest competitor, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has gained on her in the polls, and Fallon asked Clinton if she were worried. With a resounding "no," Clinton maintained that she had expected the race to tighten even before the polls reflected it.

That is really artificial. All of those early soundings and polls. Once you get into it, this is a Democratic election for our nominee and it gets really close, exciting.

Fallon pointed out early in Clinton's appearance on the show that the last time she joined him on The Tonight Show was the night of another Republican debate. Clinton said that she usually can't watch the GOP's debates because she has other stuff thats she's doing — like appearing on The Tonight Show, which seems like a pretty legit reason. She also said that when she does catch up on the debates later, she loves "to be able to fast forward." Good one, Hillz.

Fallon had plenty of jokes prepared, too. For instance, he suggested that Clinton play a drinking game while she watches the debates (which is really a must-have when Donald Trump is involved, am I right?). Fallon thinks that Clinton should take a shot every time a Republican says something bad about her, but as Clinton wittily pointed out, she "wouldn't make it past the first half hour."

Another one of Clinton's zingers came when the conversation shifted specifically to Trump. Trump had appeared on The Tonight Show a few days earlier, and Clinton said she hadn't watched that episode. She jokingly — but powerfully — shut Trump down, saying, "I tell you what, he's a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him."

Clinton also talked about her personal life away from the campaign. Earlier in the episode, Fallon had done a segment about Sesame Street, which will premiere on HBO on Saturday. Clinton then revealed that one of her granddaughter's first words was "Elmo."

The duo also took a few videos for Clinton's Snapchat story. Fallon even taught her how to use the new Snapchat video filters... so if you were ever wondering when Clinton would have rainbows pouring out of your eyes, the day could be right around the corner. When Clinton appears on NBC again this Sunday in the next Democratic debate, there will probably be fewer jokes, but similar discussions about Trump, the polls, and the issues.

Images: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/NBC