Hillary Clinton Takes A 'Tonight Show' Selfie

Thursday night was a particularly eventful one for U.S. politics. The sixth GOP debate took place at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center and yet another presidential hopeful took to late-night television. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show after the debate (again) to discuss her campaign, competition, and mad selfie game. Host Jimmy Fallon was more than game to get in on the photo action, firing up Snapchat and cozying up to the candidate. Hillary Clinton took a Tonight Show selfie, and Fallon immediately sent it out to her Snapchat followers. Her supporters got a chance to get an early glimpse of Clinton's appearance, which had been taped with a studio audience before the debate earlier in the day.

Clinton was asked about the GOP debate scheduled to take place that evening. She indicated that she and husband Bill do indeed watch some of the debates and have their own running commentary. The former secretary of state also discussed the upcoming Democratic debate set for Sunday evening. Clinton was comfortable and informative but truly came alive when Fallon discussed her social media prowess. A question of whether she'd live-tweet the debate soon turned into a chat about all the ways Clinton connects with her supporters, including Snapchat.

Fallon was able to snap a rather goofy selfie of the two, but not before giving Clinton a chance to take a photo herself. His added a filter that made it look as if the host's eyes were comically popping out of his face as if attached to springs was enough to make Clinton double over in laughter. Though Clinton said that she wouldn't be tweeting the debate, as she did with the State of the Union, she was more than game to contribute to Fallon's Snapchat feed, especially if it ups her own selfie game.

In a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Clinton once again waxed poetic about selfies, recalling her experience meeting Kim Kardashian. The two took a selfie and Clinton was immediately taken aback by the added tools the reality show star to craft the perfect photo. The warm lighting from Kardashian's LuMee phone case is something Clinton has yet to purchase herself, it seems. With the addition of even more selfie tips from Fallon, Clinton is poised to be the candidate with perhaps the nicest selfies this election cycle. She's certainly doing well for herself heading into the upcoming Democratic debate. Perhaps her fans will finally get a podium selfie when she takes the stage for Sunday's Democratic debate.

Images: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/NBC