Hillary Clinton's Job Interview On 'The Tonight Show' Ends With A Hilarious Emailgate Joke

Once again, Hillary Clinton returned to NBC's The Tonight Show to discuss her current campaign as well as her compete candidates. The former secretary of state had a whole lot of fun, snapping selfies with host Jimmy Fallon to send on Snapchat to her adoring fans. As with another presidential hopeful on the show, Hillary Clinton got a mock job interview on The Tonight Show, complete with generic questions as if she were applying for a job at a mall rather than the highest office in the land.

Clinton joins the likes of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, whose appearance on The Tonight Show earlier that week saw the Donald receiving a similar line of questioning. How do Clinton's answers compare to Trump's? The Democratic candidate certainly offered a deeper response when asked why she's running for president. The real estate mogul simply reiterated his "make America great again" slogan during his appearance. Clinton was also a bit more wry when asked if she'd be willing to relocate for the position. Trump's response was, unsurprisingly, that he loves the White House.

Outside of the interview, Clinton was repeatedly asked about Trump and indicated that he's certainly not the main focus of her campaign. Clinton said:

He's a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him... If I am so fortunate to be the Democratic nominee. I will be running against whoever they nominate; but if it's Donald Trump, it will be quite the showdown.

Both candidates had fairly humorous closing questions for their mock interview. Trump got asked if he'd be comfortable with all the media attention while Fallon made a sly dig at Clinton's email scandal to finish things up. The two candidates may not be facing off just yet but you can still get a glimpse of their differences based on Clinton's answers to her mock interview versus what Trump had to say.

How Did You Hear About The Position?

"Fourth grade social studies."

What Are Your Qualifications?

"I have done a lot of work and have references."

Why Do You Want The Job?

"I care about what happens to our country, and it means a lot to me to make sure that we keep producing good opportunities for people, help everybody have a chance to live up to their god given potential, and there's more we can do and I want to try to make that happen for everybody."

Are You Willing To Relocate?

"For the right job, I am."

Describe Yourself In Two Words.

"Strong, focused."

Is There An Email Address We Can Reach You?

[Laughter.] "Follow me on Snapchat."

Images: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/NBC