9 Dark Lipstick Hacks That You Need To Know

Being able to maintain dark lips throughout the day can be such a struggle. From fading, bleeding, and everything in between, there are just so many ways that dark lip colors can go awry. Prevent lipstick meltdowns by knowing what's best for your pout. These hacks will help you prep, apply, and rock even the most vampy of shades. So, go ahead, and pull out that burgundy lip pencil that you've been dying to wear. It may not be as high maintenance as you thought.

When it comes to rocking a dark lip shade, it's all about attitude. You have to take charge with these lip shades, and prepare yourself for anything that can happen. As someone who has made every beauty blunder in the past, I can attest for just how frustrating keeping on darker shades can be. After years of messing it up, I've truly learned how to keep the color in place. Honestly, it's all about the prep work. With darker lips, a lip liner is your best friend when it comes to the longevity of your darkened pout. It's basically the guacamole to your burrito. The two should never be apart. Wondering how else you can keep your inky shade in check? Here are nine dark lip color hacks that every beauty lover needs to know.

1. Polish Your Pout

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Dark colors (especially matte formulas) tend to emphasize chapped, flaky lips. Before you apply your lip color, be sure to use a lip scrub, or even a disposable mascara wand, like Cosmopolitan suggested, to buff away any dead skin beforehand.

2. Smile Like You Mean It

No one wants to see lipstick on their teeth. Prevent the lip color from transferring by sticking a clean finger into your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, and then pulling outwards. This method removes the lipstick from inner section of your lips leaving your pearly whites free of any lip color.

3. Precision Is Key

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As a makeup artist, I know just how hard it can be to get that perfect bold lip. In order to get the color exactly where you want it, try using a lip brush. Simply dab the brush on to the lipstick bullet, and fill in on your lips. It's the easiest way to get a full coverage lip look every time.

4. Walk The Line

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Give your dark lip color lasting power by applying a matching lip liner beforehand. The liner acts as both a color booster and sealant for the lipstick, according to Harper's Bazaar. Together, they are the perfect dynamic duo.

5. Conceal Don't Feel


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Make your lip color pop even more by concealing your outer lip line with cover-up and a pointed makeup brush, as suggested by Seventeen.

6. Feather & Fade

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Keep your dark color from feathering or bleeding by using a reverse lip liner. Basically, the nude or invisible liner keeps the color from traveling from your lips by creating a barrier for the color, according to the experts at

7. Clinging Color

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If you don't want your lips to be stained post-lipstick, then apply petroleum jelly to your lips before you apply the lip color. suggested that the slippery gel helps to keep the lips hydrated while protecting them from staining.

8. Make It Budge

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Conversely, if you are having the worst time removing your lipstick, try vaseline. The thick jelly does wonders are removing dark lip shades, according to BuzzFeed.

9. Two Toned

Faded lipstick is the worst. In order to create a much more natural fade, suggested using a red lipstick in the middle of your dark lip color. It creates a two toned lip that looks much better when it starts to fade.

Reign supreme as the dark lipstick queen with these helpful lip color hacks.

Images: AndreasChoice/YouTube; Courtesy Brands