This Is The Absolute Luckiest Day Of 2016

Did you start 2016 with a New Years resolution that you've already abandoned? Or maybe, like me, you just never bothered to make one in the first place. No worries all you quitters and realists out there, it turns out 2016 is going to be a great year! I sat down with famed astrologist Susan Miller for Bustle's podcast The Chat Room and her 2016 outlook for all of us is fantastic, yes even for you Libra.

It turns out a lot of us millennials, women and men, are looking to astrology to help guide our own lives. In fact, Susan Miller told me that 43 percent of her audience identifies as male. Back in ancient times, Miller says, there was no distinction between male and female within sun, moon, and rising signs. Even if you're not someone who religiously reads your horoscope, you still might want to hear Susan Miller's 2016 predictions. She points out certain days of 2016 that are especially lucky for your love life, your career, and for personal growth. Also, she says Mercury Retrograde doesn't have to be all that bad!

Here are Susan Miller's top 4 predictions for 2016, including the luckiest day of the year for every sign. Here's to hoping 2016 is your most ***flawless year yet.

1. You need to leave your house on September 25. Why you ask? Well it's the luckiest day of 2016!

2. Virgo and Libra, this is your *emerald year*. And, yes, you definitely want Susan Miller to explain just how awesome that is.

3. Taurus, you are in the greatest position to find love.

4. Incompatible signs don't necessarily exist, so stop holding yourself back from dating certain people.

This 2016 cheat sheet is great, but for even more wisdom from Susan Miller herself and for 2016 predictions by astrological sign, listen to our second & bonus episodes of The Chat Room right here:

P.s. here's how the magic happened!

Images: Meredith Truax <3 for Bustle