Kendrick Lamar Is Getting A Key To City Of Compton & Here's Why He Deserves It

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most giving and generous rappers in the game. He has taken his fame, fortune, and celebrity and used it to give back to those in the inner city, and, in particular, his hometown of Compton, California. His efforts have not gone unnoticed or underappreciated, and he is about to be rewarded in a major way. Mayor Aja Brown will give Kendrick Lamar a key to Compton on Saturday, February 13. The key is in honor of his efforts to bring peace and unity to the city of Compton, and the ways that he has helped those in the community. While Lamar has been in the spotlight for a few years now, a lot of his work on behalf of the city has been under the radar. But people have taken notice, and not just people like Mayor Brown; even Barack Obama has listened to Lamar's ideas on mentorship and support for inner city kids.

Lamar has done a lot in just the last year to be a voice for those still living in the city of Compton and those around the nation who live in inner city areas. Recently, he made a video called Pay It Forward, which details the rappers own experiences with mentorship, and how strong adult leaders changed his life. President Obama even made an appearance, because Lamar was able to go to the White House and explain to him the great need there still is in this country to mentor inner city kids. He even partnered with Reebok for an advertisement that basically doubled as a PSA for gang violence. He had Glasses Malone and Jay Rock, two members of the infamous rival gangs the Bloods and the Crips cross gang lines and speak on unity and ending hatred. They said, "At the end of the day — Red or Blue — we all want a brighter future for our loved ones."

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Lamar has also done a great job promoting unity and peace through his music, and has been influential in bringing change. Top Dawg Entertainment, the label he is signed to, put on their second annual Holiday Concert and Toy Giveaway this year. The concert helped benefit kids in the city of Watts and give them a little extra holiday spirit. Lamar performed along with the rest of the TDE roster, and toys, food, and shoes were also donated. This is one of the many ways Lamar has given back with his music, and used his passion and talents as an inspiration for many.

The rapper definitely deserves the key to the city, especially considering all of the work he has done on behalf of inner city kids everywhere. It must be so exciting getting this honor from the town he has grown up in and fought hard to change. This is just one step towards showing people everywhere that, no matter where you are in life, it's never too late to find your passion and make a positive influence.