New 'Fuller House' Trailer Featuring The Actual Family Gives Us A Glimpse Into Their Dynamics — VIDEO

Apparently, Netflix doesn't want us to get a moment's sleep before Feb. 26, because they've just released a new Fuller House teaser trailer, and, boy, are they playing their cards close to the chest! It's only 14 seconds long, with absolutely no dialogue, just 11 family members and a dog moving around in frame, so they probably think we can't glean anything official from it. But, man, would they be wrong about that; I've done a lot more with a lot less. We got costumes! We got sets! We have a full 14 seconds of these people moving through space! And I refuse to wait until all the episodes are released to get a single nugget of information about what to expect from this reboot. (Although I will say, I'm open to them pushing that date back almost to infinity if it meant Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would be part of the project, and the whole gang would be back together again. I'd even settle for Elizabeth Olsen, if need be.)

So with that in mind, I'm diving into this teaser clip head first, and swimming back up to the surface with facts and hints that can inform the direction of this season before February. And, hopefully, give our bum-bums a rest from spending so much time at the edge of our seats. So here they are, folks! Everything I can tell about Fuller House just from the disappointingly short promo below.

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1. There's A Budding Whiz Kid In The Family

Everybody else in this photo is wearing jeans, and the kid in the green shirt on the couch is wearing slacks? What is he, an Einstein? You can't slip something that big by me.

2. Those Teens Are Up To No Good

They're both up to their eyeballs in their smart phones, and clearly spilling some scintillating gossip to each other behind the couch. YOUTH!

3. Uncle Jesse Is Lazy

Notice how he took the smaller of the two boxes from Aunt Becky on her way up the stairs! I see you.

4. Stephanie Tanner Has A Bluetooth

Otherwise WHO IS SHE TALKING TO THE WHOLE TIME? No one ever gives her eye contact, but she never stops talking and gesturing.

5. The Dog Is Shy

Just look at the way he's hiding behind the leg of the table! There will probably be one or two storylines surrounding trying to get him out of his shell.

6. This Family Is Either Very Strong Or Chronically Under-Filling Boxes

Guys from here those are looking feather-light, so either fill them up to the top, or 'grats on your new gym routines.

See? All those secrets and details were hiding in this 14-second clip. That's a secret every two seconds, so pat yourself on the back for an investigative job well done, gumshoes. See you on Feb. 26 to confirm our theories!

Image: Netflix