The 'New' Fuller House Trailer Teases Stephanie Tanner's New Life With Some Clues You Might Have Missed — VIDEO

Fuller House is still happening. Not that there was ever any real concern, but I just need to remind myself of this fact every few days. Luckily for me, Netflix keeps reminding me with little teasers as well. On Friday, Netflix released another new teaser trailer for Fuller House . Although it may be short — a measly 14 seconds — if you're as big a Full House fan as I was, you'll glean anything you can from such a tiny clip. Now, while Stephanie was never my favorite character, possibly because we're both middle children and thus everything she went through was too real for me to deal with, this short trailer did provide a lot of insight into her potential character development. The clues about Stephanie's character in Fuller House that are sprinkled throughout the trailer might create some new fans of hers and reassure some old ones.

There are a lot of little things she does in this short clip that reveal that she hasn't changed much. From bossing her father around to lovingly stroking her nephew's hair at the end, she seems like she's up to her same old Stephanie Tanner ways. However, there are other clues that hint that a lot has changed for the middle Tanner sister. We'll get to see lots more of her this season, considering she will be one of the series regulars, but who can wait that long to figure out what she's been up to in the last two decades? From the trailer, here's what I can detect we'll be seeing from Stephanie this year.

1. She Still Gets Her Whine On

Whether it was the time she complained about D.J. and herself having to share a room, or every single time she said "how rude" when whatever happened wasn't in fact that rude, Stephanie's whining in Full House was a good way to pull focus in such a large family. From the way she was complaining about the way her father was carrying her boxes, it looks like we can still expect a bit of classic Stephanie Tanner whining.

2. She's Free Spirited

The clothes and the hair said it all. Stephanie has finally come into her own and is planning on flaunting it! Her bleach blonde curls and her bright purple shirt scream free spirit that is ready to take on the world! Jodie Sweetin, who played the character for eight seasons, said that Stephanie is a bit of free spirit and world traveler, and this new trailer definitely confirms it.

3. She Might Be A Dancer

Stephanie was into dancing, and she was very good at it. Since she is heard yelling, "be careful, that's my rare record," it seems that music will play a big role in her life. I'm just assuming she'll be a dancer of some sort.

4. She's Totally The "Cool" Aunt

If she's a dancer, or involved in the world of music in some way, then she'll be the cool aunt — it's science. Not to mention that, at the end of the clip, she was seen lovingly rubbing her nephew's back, so no family drama here.

5. She Could Be Looking For Love

While they haven't said anything about her character's relationship status, from what I can tell (after zooming my screen in about a billion times), Stephanie doesn't have a wedding ring. That's right: she is still single and on the prowl. Do I foresee a possible episode arc where Stephanie finds love?

6. She'll Still Hate Kimmy

Obviously there was nothing about this in that short clip, but if I know Stephanie Tanner — and I'd like to think I do — then there is sure to be lots of animosity between the two. At the end of the day, they've got each others backs, but at the beginning they'll be at each other's throats.

There's only a little over a month left until we can finally get all the pieces of the puzzle. Luckily, it's on Netflix, so I can marathon watch in one straight shot. I know I'm not alone in looking forward to the day I'm reunited with Stephanie and the whole Tanner Family, in their much, much fuller house. Check out the teaser below.

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