Who Is James Matthews? Pippa Middleton's Rumored Boyfriend Is Fit For The Royal Sibling

Ladies and gents, as we've come to know over the past few years of getting truly acquainted with the Duchess of Cambridge's little sister, Pippa Middleton doesn't date just anybody, being superb herself and being royal adjacent and all. No, her boyfriends have always been exceedingly impressive. And it's Middleton's rumored boyfriend at the moment, James Matthews, is no different. But, who is James Matthews? Well, to start off, you do already know him. Well, sort of.

To refresh your memory, here's a fun fact: She already dated him back in 2012. Meaning, all those credential boxes have already been checked.

Matthews is quite obviously a fine specimen if Middleton's dating him, but he's more than just her significant other. (Although, let's be real, that is not a bad title to have.) Matthews is a serious businessman and not only that, but he comes from a family who is also big into business. According to People, Matthew's family owns the Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barts, and Middleton has even stayed there with her own family.

Here's some more info on Matthews, for those wanting to be in the know.

He's Well-Educated


He went to Eton College, which Prince William and Prince Harry also attended.

He's The Boss

According to The Daily Mail, Matthews is the "Chief Executive of Eden Rock Capital Management Group, which he set-up more than 10 years ago."

He's Not Hard To Look At

Let me be shallow for just a second.

He's Athletic

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He and both Pippa and James Middleton did the Otillo swim-run together.

He's Giving

According to People, Matthews raised money during the Otillo swim-run for The Michael Matthews Foundation, in honor of his late brother. He also raised money for the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, in honor of Prince William's friend's late brother, by attending a concert with Middleton's family and some of the royals.

There you have it, folks. Now, can we put those Harry and Pippa rumors to rest for good?