What Will Zendaya’s Makeup Tutorials Be Like

If there’s one person that I look up towards in terms of makeup, it’s this girl. Zendaya hinted that she may start doing makeup tutorials in her latest Instagram post, and I hope she really is seriously considering it. Her style is always on-point, but it’s her glam beauty looks that always take the outfits to the next level. So, if Zendaya’s doling out makeup advice — let’s just say I’m the girl in the front row jotting down everything she says.

She knows how to do it all. From having brows that are always on-fleek to knowing just where to apply some highlight to get the perfect glow, Zendaya is a beauty guru. One look at her Instagram feed will show you that’s true, too. Sure, she gets her face all done up by professionals for red carpet events and the like, but she doesn’t have pros make her up on the daily (probably). However, I can hardly tell the difference between when she’s done her own face and when she’s had it done for her. Because she’s just that good.

Here’s to hoping she starts making videos, stat! Check out all of the things that Zendaya would teach you in a beauty tutorial.

Raise your hand if you would love a Zendaya tutorial! *Raises hand and holds it there forever*

1. Strong Brows

See what I mean?

2. Super Shimmer

Leave it to her to get us glowing in no time.

3. Skincare

Because she knows how to go makeup-free flawlessly, too, I'm sure she knows a thing or two about really taking care of your skin.

4. Glasses-On Type Makeup

She can even cater to all of the glasses-wearers out there (like me). Hallelujah!

5. Natural Look

She'll teach us how to embrace a natural, no makeup makeup kind of look, too.

6. Appreciation

We could probably learn how to appreciate when we're having a good beauty day from her. The more selfies, the better, you know?

7. Sephora Haul

She knows how to raid a beauty store, and I'd love to gain a few tips.

8. Smoky Eye

She's got the techniques for a perfect smoky eye.

9. Fierce Lips

I want my lipstick to look that good, don't you?

Teach me your ways, Zendaya. Teach me your ways. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that tutorials by her would be, well...

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