'Scream Queens' Is Renewed For Season 2 & You'll Love This 'American Horror Story' Twist

You know how all your friends keep insisting that you watch that new Ryan Murphy show, but you keep putting it off? Well, now you officially have no more excuses, because Scream Queens has been renewed for Season 2. And, if you're one of those geniuses who have been scooping it up each week on your DVR and then dissecting it in all its campy, bloody glory on Facebook and Twitter the next day, congratulations! You've made this the number one series on Video On Demand, as well as on social media, and almost certainly contributed to its second season renewal, so pat yourselves on the back. But guys! This isn't even the best news yet! The best news is that Murphy is snagging a concept from another of his insanely-popular shows, American Horror Story, and applying it to Scream Queens — the all-important second season location change.

Just like he does in AHS, Murphy will be uprooting Scream Queens from its original, college campus locale, and depositing it into a hospital, where the potential for creepery and gore is, if anything, even higher. Obviously, quite a few of our Season 1 favorites didn't... ahem... quite make it to Season 2, but Murphy has said that some of the survivors will be making the leap to the new hospital setting. Because god forbid anyone in a Ryan Murphy show should ever be out of harm's way. Murphy has also proposed broadening the appeal of the show by widening the age spectrum of his actors, although it hasn't yet been announced whom he's interested in snagging. (Please let it be Jessica Lange, please let it be Jessica Lange, please let it be Jessica Lange.)

Cheers to that! But regardless of who joins up or drops out, I'm just excited that we truly get a whole new season of Scream Queens, in every sense of the word. Ryan Murphy has always been skilled at changing the complete tone and vibe of his projects on a dime, so I can't wait to see the bizarre, genius tweaks he makes to Scream Queens for its second time around.

Images: FOX; Giphy