Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Might Be Back Together As Evidenced By A Very Subtle, But Telling Instagram

Though they ended their engagement in June, it looks like the romance between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters isn't over just yet. In fact, ever since the American Horror Story co-stars and couple of three years called off their relationship in the summer of 2015, the pair have remained close, talking publicly about their feelings for one another and even being caught by the paparazzi holding hands in public. Speculation about their revived romance continues to make its way into 2016, particularly after Peters posted a photo on Friday, Jan. 15 — a seemingly run-of-the-mill picture of two coffee mugs side by side on Instagram, but tagging both himself and Roberts in the snapshot. Needless to say, the Insta pic has fans everywhere wondering (and commenting): Are Roberts and Peters back together?

To be fair, even when an insider first revealed Peters and Roberts' breakup to JustJared, it was with the notion that the pair are still close and the split wasn't a harsh one. "The breakup was amicable — there was no drama whatsoever," the source revealed back in June. "Emma and Evan are even still friends!"

Sure, that's the line that just about everyone in the public eye gives after a breakup, but in Roberts and Peters' case, it actually proved to be true.

Just three months after ending their engagement, rumors that Roberts, 24, and Peters, 28, were reigniting their romance were met with ~photo evidence~ in early September 2015, when the watchful eye of the paparazzi caught the former couple holding hands:

At the time, an E! source revealed that the two were "seeing each other again" — something that Peters didn't exactly deny when asked about their relationship during the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere in October, People reported.

"She is really great," Peters said about Roberts, giving reporters a thumbs-up when asked how their relationship was going. And then he went into full-on gush mode. "I just love her," the actor said, adding that he's been super into her role on Scream Queens. "I have been watching. I love it! She's so funny in it. She's spot-on with the character."

And clearly, the two still get together for coffee dates — at least, if Peters' Instagram is anything to go by.

Whether or not the couple is back together or they're just genuinely living life as "good friends" (do platonic friends really walk down the street holding hands though?), it's obvious that Peters and Roberts are still on good terms — a happy place to be with an ex, regardless of what the future may hold.