Emma & Evan: Un-Call Off The Engagement, Please

by Maitri Suhas

Time of death: approximately 2 p.m EST, Friday, June 12, 2015. What's dead, you say? LOVE IS, because Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have called off their engagement, according to Just Jared. Reportedly, the two American Horror Story stars called things off after three years of dating. It's no secret that the two have had a very rocky, passionate relationship. Bustle has reached out to Peters' and Roberts' reps for comment, but has not yet heard back.

Sure, they're young. Fine. But the two of them seemed so great as a duo. Besides, after being part of the spookiest, most over-the-top show on television together — how many kids in their twenties can say that they work with Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates? — they really seemed like they knew how to hang. Everybody has that couple in their friends circle that really makes you believe that love can conquer all, and that even if you don't believe in soul mates, that there are people out there that you really just belong with.

Well, unfortunately, all of that is moot now, because as I previously mentioned, love is dead.

But Peters and Roberts could bring love back to live! Here are seven moments that prove they should un-call off their engagement (if they have, in fact, called it off) and start planning their Halloween-themed wedding (this is just a fan fantasy, but come on!).

1. When They Spent Valentine's Day At In'n'Out

Animal Style, but rated G.

2. When They Loved Pizza As Much As They Loved Each Other

True love has extra cheese.

3. When Emma Wished Evan Happy Birthday On Instagram

*sobs* They really were the coolest couple we knew.

4. When They Were The Most Stylist Couple At Coachella

Look at all that distressed denim. #RelationshipGoals and also #ComfortGoals.

5. When They Were The King & Queen Of Casual

The couple that chills together, stays together.

6. When They Got The Selfie On The First Try

Or made it look that easy, anyway.

7. When They Were The Perfect Height For Each Other

Now kiss and make up, you crazy kids. Our faith in love depends on it.