Go BTS Of Kendall & Kylie's Clothing Line Shoot

Starting the new year the best way they know how, Kendall and Kylie Jenner teased their new clothing line on Snapchat, giving their fans a taste of what's in store for the upcoming collection. According to Teen Vogue, the photo shoot is for the sisters' own fashion line, but with these two being such young fashion moguls, it could also be for one of their other clothing collaborations such as Pac Sun or Topshop. The Jenner duo first announced that they were working on the Kendall + Kylie clothing line last May.

In the behind the scenes videos that Kylie posted on Snapchat, the sisters are wearing similar black and white, floral print tops. Kendall's neckline is a halter top, which she wears with denim shorts and a black hat. Meanwhile, her younger sis Kylie is rocking the floral print in a slip dress style with a thick black choker. If this sneak peek is any indication of the rest of the line, then the collection is still inspired by each of their very distinct, but coordinated personal styles.

"I think with each collection we always try to make sure to incorporate a lot of pieces we would wear ourselves," Kendall said last month. "We really understand each other's visions and push each other. I think that helps us get to the best ideas. We're also really honest with each other so if one of us doesn't like something, we're very comfortable to speak up and speak our minds."

Here's a teaser of the upcoming line via Kylie Jenner's Snapchat:

They loved goofing off with Snapchat's high-speed function.

But they were also serious about getting the right shots. Here's Kylie taking a video of her big sis in front of the camera.

These entrepreneurial sisters sure have been busy as of late. While Kylie has been working on her Lip Kit, which is expected to come out with more colors soon, Kendall just landed her latest fashion campaign with Mango. What's more, their new collection with PacSun comes out on January 20. What a year for the two already!

While we don't know exactly when their line comes out (or if this photo shoot tease is even for it), there are tons of other projects that the Jenners are involved in to be super excited about.

Here's hoping the girls release their new Kendall + Kylie collection ads soon!

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Images: kylizzlesnapchats/Instagram (2)