Will The Pink Kylie Lip Kit Be Different? There Is One Important Change

It's official: the first new Kylie Lip Kit color has been revealed! The pinkish purple shade is fabulous, and definitely the perfect pick for a Valentine's Day-centric collection. Although we'll have to wait to see the other two Lip Kit hues, Jenner hinted about a formula for this batch, and we actually have some conclusive info (unlike when she first teased the new shades).

According to Jenner's Instagram post, the new Lip Kits will be even better than the last. She wrote in her caption, "I've been working on a new exclusive formula that I have absolutely fell in love with." She sure does have a fabulous way of giving her fans exactly what they want to hear, while still keeping them in the palm of her hand.

Naturally, the Twitter-verse went crazy when she revealed the first color of her second collection, and Jenner has been communicating with her fans a bit over social media. Thanks to one curious Twitter user, we now know that the new formula will be "just as buttery but thinner and more moisturizing" than the previous liquid lipsticks. Um, yes please! How she managed to keep all the texture of the first release but make it even thinner is a mystery to me. I guess we'll just have to wait until V-Day to see.

This picture makes it seem like the lipsticks will still be ultra-matte and I'll bet they'll still come with a matching lip liner too. Hopefully she keeps the hints coming, because I'm dying to hear what the next two shades will be!