13 Songs That Will Instantly Remind You Of Your Favorite ‘90s Movie

Maybe it's been a while since you've re-watched all those '90s films that used to captivate you. Maybe you don't even remember which ones they were (gasp!). But I'm willing to bet that you remember the songs within those movies. Maybe because music nostalgia is a real thing (as in, there are real scientific reasons why you remember the lyrics to a Backstreet Boys song and not, say, the third president of The United States), or maybe it's because the songs of the '90s were so good. (How many more times can I say "maybe"? TBD.) The music was so influential, so meaningful that of course, 20+ years later, it would still give you a jolt of nostalgia. In fact, some '90s songs you can't even listen to without thinking of which film you first (or most) heard them in. That's how inextricably linked the two are. Pretty serious reaction if you ask me. Oh, the power of music.

Here are 13 songs that will instantly remind you of your favorite '90s film. You can thank me later. As long as your thank you includes a '90s movie reference. Can't hardly wait for that!

OK, I'm done. Really.

1. Bodyguard (1992): "I Will Always Love You" By Whitney Houston

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Why it's iconic: So many things. When Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) says "WAIT!" and the plan stops. The melodramatic kiss. The snapshot of Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) at the end.

2. Clueless (1995): "Supermodel" by Jill Subole

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Why it's iconic: Because Cher's main thrill in life is a makeover.

3. Romeo + Juliet (1996): "Lovefool" By The Cardigans

QSSugita on YouTube

Why it's iconic: FETUS Leonardo DiCaprio. That's it. That's all I have.

4. Titanic (1997): "My Heart Will Go On" By Celine Dion

DifteriaK on YouTube

Why it's iconic: FETUS Leonardo DiCaprio. Again, that's it. That's all I have.

5. Romy And Michele's High School Reunion (1997): "Time After Time" By Cyndi Lauper

EzraWelser on YouTube

Why it's iconic: That dancing sequence. Those moves. Choreographed to actual perfection.

6. My Best Friend's Wedding (1997): "Say A Little Prayer For You" by Aretha Franklin

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Why it's iconic: It's one of the catchiest — and sweetest — musical moments from '90s cinema.

7. Men In Black (1997): "Men In Black" By Will Smith

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Why it's iconic: Because here they come, with their suits, and their unforgettable beats, and their galaxy defending.

8. Can't Hardly Wait (1998): "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" By Smash Mouth

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Why it's iconic: Was there ever a song and scene that so typified the '90s "teen comedy"? I think not.

9. Armageddon (1998): "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" By Aerosmith

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Why it's iconic: Because I — you, me, we — are all still torn up about the way things ended for these two.

10. She's All That (1999): "Kiss Me" By Sixpence None The Richer

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Why it's iconic: For seven years thereafter, you always walked down the stairs with this song in your head. Hoping someone would say to you, "Laney Boggs, get your cute butt down here!"

11. Cruel Intentions (1999): "Bittersweet Symphony" By The Verve

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Why it's iconic: This ending shook you to your core. You were never able to look at cross necklaces the same.

12. American Pie (1999): "Semi-Charmed Life" By Third Eye Blind

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Why it's iconic: Because it appears not once, but twice in the film, and it was basically every high schooler's anthem in the '90s.

13. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999): "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" By Frankie Valli

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Why it's iconic: Be honest, every single time you had gym class, you prayed to the heavens above that this would happen to you.

Now go ahead. Have a listen and revel in all the nostalgic, cinematic memories of your youth.

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