7 Times Becca Proved She's A 'Bachelor' Superfan

For her second round on The Bachelor , contestant Becca Tilley seems like a much better match for Ben Higgins than Chris Soules. But, between her different appearances on the Bachelor series, what does Becca do for work? Well, her ABC bio describes her as a "chiropractic assistant." Additionally, she occasionally promotes products through her Instagram, the way lots of beautiful people do. Does she still work as a chiropractic assistant? She doesn't seem to ever post about her job, so there's no real way of knowing. It's possible she's made the jump to full-time endorsement deal work, the way many Bachelor contestants do post-show. (Honestly, does anyone ever go back to their original job when they're done filming? Chris Soules and that's about it, but even he promotes teeth whiteners on Instagram.)

But, even though chiropractic medicine might be her chosen career path, Becca spends a lot of her time being a Bachelor superfan — to the point where she might actually be missing her real calling as a Bachelor blogger. So far during the season, Becca has been tuning into ABC and tweeting nonstop about the show. And, her insights about what happens behind the scenes make it even better for her fellow Bachelor fanatics. She's been on two entries in the Bachelor canon as a star, but she should qualify as a bona fide expert since she goes through the exact same things as any other Bachelor fan when they're watching the show.

1. When She Had To Get Her Snacks In Order

Watching The Bachelor is like an endurance challenge. The show is super long, so you need to be prepared to refuel. That means plenty of snacks, which is where Becca's Taco Bell obsession comes in handy.

2. When She Switched It Up For Some Other TV Obsessions

I think Grey's Anatomy makes a perfect compliment to Bachelor fandom, don't you agree?

3. When She Was Almost Too Nervous To Live Tweet

But wound up not being able to resist! Thank goodness!

4. When She Admitted That Twitter Friends Are Better Than Real Life Friends

Because they are. There's a reason why The Bachelor is always trending.

5. When She Carefully Managed Her TV Time

Some things just need to be watched live. Two examples: Live sports and The Bachelor. Sometimes, DVR just isn't an option.

6. When She Had A Sense Of Humor About Things

It cannot be easy to have your lack of geographical know-how broadcast to millions of people. But, of course, Becca knows why such things must happen: In order to provide entertainment to Bachelor fans. It's all in good fun, and it's nice to see she has a sense of humor about it.

7. And, Of Course, When She Got Meme'd

If there's anything Bachelor fans like watching more than The Bachelor, it's when the show is remixed, remodeled, and made hilarious, like this clip Becca used to announce how happy she was to see people reacting positively towards her return to the show. Basically, if "Bachelor superfan" was a real job, Becca would be the perfect candidate. And, sidenote, I'd like that job too, please.

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Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC