7 David Bowie Musical Tributes From Springsteen, Madonna & More — VIDEOS

The Starman left the world on Sunday, Jan. 10, and ever since David Bowie's passing at age 69, the tributes to the groundbreaking entertainer have been pouring in. From heartfelt words from his friends as well as those he inspired, to the works of heartbroken fans who have expressed their grief through art, this past week was full of remembrances from the countless lives Bowie touched. For a man who revolutionized music with his unmistakable style and out of this world lyrics, it is only fitting many musicians have paid tribute to Bowie in song.

This Sunday, Jan. 17, at least 20 artists will take the stage in Union Chapel in Islington to honor Bowie's legacy with historic concert. Bowie fans will be able to stream the event live on YouTube, but there are already amazing musical tributes to the singer that you can listen to right now. Elton John, Madonna, Rufus Wainwright, and more have been paying homage to Bowie, a man who inspired them as a hero and in some cases a treasured friend. Listening to these musical tributes is bound to make you weepy, but embrace your emotions. Bowie was a man who lived his life uninhibited, who loved art in all of its forms, and elevated everything he touched to astronomical heights.

As evidenced by these inspired covers of his songs, Bowie's influence will continue to live on.

1. Church Tower Bells Ring Out "Space Oddity"

The Dom Tower in Utrecht, The Netherlands, offered a goosebump-inducing cover of Bowie's 1969 classic "Space Oddity." Using the bells in the Church Tower, the song rang out across the city. There's no doubt Bowie would have approved of such an unusual but poignant rendition of one of his most iconic songs.

2. Bruce Springsteen Performs "Rebel, Rebel"

3 Guys And A Movie on YouTube

Before launching into a spirited performance of "Rebel, Rebel" during a concert in Pittsburgh, Springsteen told the crowd that Bowie had supported his band's music "since the beginning." Springsteen infuses "Rebel, Rebel" with the Americana that permeates his music to provide a one-of-a-kind love letter to Bowie.

Elton John Offers An Instrumental Ode To Bowie

Lyndsey Parker on YouTube

"I'd like to dedicate this to the Starman himself," John said during his concert at L.A.'s Wiltern Theatre. His medley included "Space Oddity" as well as John's own "Rocket Man." It's a stirring way to honor Bowie, and it clearly resonated with the audience, which remained mostly silent until the end.

Robbie Williams & Rufus Wainwright Share Stripped Down Version Of "Changes"

Robbie Williams on YouTube

Williams and Wainwright are accompanied by producer Guy Chambers for this stripped down rendition of "Changes." This is an incredibly intimate performance, made all the more so by the lack of an audience. It speaks to Bowie's reach that musicians who didn't have concerts this week still felt moved to pay their respects through song.

Madonna Sings "Rebel, Rebel"

Phil Rodriguez on YouTube

"He showed me it was OK to be different," Madonna told a crowd in Houston. She took on "Rebel, Rebel" with energy and style for the first "rebel heart" she ever laid eyes on, and it was fantastic.

St. Albans Cathedral Plays "Life On Mars"

Organ scholar Nicholas Freestone's rendition of "Life on Mars" is unlike anything you have ever heard before. Those chills you are about to feel are legit.

Crowd Gathers To Sing "Space Oddity"

The Gig Channel on YouTube

If you need proof that magic can still happen, then look no further than this crowd, who gathered at Bowie's memorial to sing "Space Oddity" with one voice. Messy and full of love, this tribute is a must-see, despite the lack of famous musicians.

I like to think somewhere all these tributes are making Bowie smile and his stars shine just a little brighter.