Does Nicki's Forehead Look Different To You?

Magazines tend to be a little heavy handed with Photoshopping sometimes and there are a ton of examples to point to, but one supposed instance of this that is less clear is Nicki Minaj's latest photoshoot. Nicki Minaj is not happy about her cover photo on ESPN Magazine because she thinks it shows a botched photo editing job. Minaj posted a picture of the cover, in which she poses with Kobe Bryant, to her Instagram account with the caption, "When retouching goes wrong." Viewing the photo is like staring at a Magic Eye puzzle — the longer you look at it, the more confusing it gets. To me, it doesn't look like anything is wrong with Minaj's photo, but then again, I was never able to find the 3D animal in those things.

Minaj went on to post her own photos from the ESPN shoot about which she says, "I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length." So, it's her forehead length that she's worried about? I thought that her arm looked kind of short or that maybe her eyes looked a little squinty, but figured it was because she was smiling so big. I definitely don't see anything different about her forehead. Of course, Minaj knows her forehead a hell of a lot better than I do.

Minaj's personal pics are all taken from a completely different angle, so that would explain any differences in forehead length. Minaj has seen herself straight on before though, right? Maybe she's one of those people that has a signature mirror pose (you know the ones) and she always looks at herself with her head slanted down.

Minaj wasn't totally angry about her photoshoot. She captioned one of her Instagram photos, "So honored to be a part of this with Kobe. Had a blast."

ESPN has not commented on the cover photo. Who knows how much editing was actually done or if anyone tried to specifically lengthen her forehead. Personally, I think she looks fine and, most importantly, looks like herself. Even that can be rare on a magazine cover these days.

Images: Nicki Minaj/Instagram