'Fargo' Wins Best Limited Series At The Critics' Choice Awards & It's Well-Deserved

The evening is off to a promising start and I applaud the critics' first choice of the evening — Fargo won the Critics' Choice Award for Best Limited Series and it's a well-deserved nod following last week's snub at the Golden Globes. In its sophomore season, Fargo boasted a stellar cast including Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson, and Ted Danson and the storytelling was simultaneously compelling and thought-provoking with just the right amount of dark humor. Although I'm thrilled about the award, it's not a huge surprise — Season 2 rightfully received a huge amount of critical acclaim.

In fact, Fargo's metacritic score is off the charts — it has a 96 overall and every outlet from New York Magazine to The A.V. Club to The New York Times showered the series with praise. Hopefully, this only the beginning of a great evening for Fargo, because it's nominated in multiple other categories. Patrick Wilson and Kirsten Dunst are up for lead acting awards, and the show has a whopping three nominations in the Best Supporting Actor category and two nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

Predictably, fans everywhere are thrilled that the Critics' Choice Awards kicked off the evening by giving this amazing show the recognition it deserves:

In his charming and humble acceptance speech, Noah Hawley joked that his eight-year-old daughter had told him that, although she was rooting for him, she also kind of wanted him to lose — because when he wins everyone in the house screams so loudly. He apologized to her (I'm sure she'll come around) and then thanked FX for their faith in the series despite the fact that he's not a Coen brother.

Although Season 1 was amazing, I think Season 2 managed to surpass it in quality. Fargo has already been renewed for a third season — and Hawley expressed his excitement to film another season. Hopefully this recognition will elevate the show's popularity and get more people watching, because it's not only one of the best mysteries on TV, but one of the best overall shows as well.

Image: FX