Amy Schumer Wins Best Actress Critics' Choice Award For 'Trainwreck' & It's So Well-Deserved

It seemed like she'd just left the stage after accepting the prestigious MVP award, but I was still ecstatic to see her onstage approximately five minutes later when Amy Schumer won the Best Actress Critics' Choice Award for Trainwreck. Take that, Oscar voters who snubbed this amazing comedienne in both the writing and acting categories! Schumer's shoe didn't survive her victory walk to the stage, but you know what? It happens. It's so wonderful to this hard-working, humble, and hilarious woman get the recognition she deserves — and fans everywhere are cheering from their living rooms, because Amy Schumer is beloved for good reason.

Not only did Schumer write and produce Trainwreck, but she gave an amazing performance that was multi-faceted and relatable. It's no secret that she's hilarious, but Schumer pulled off her emotional, vulnerable scenes with surprising aplomb and this performance proved that she has the ability to be far more than just "funny." She had us laughing one moment and tearing up the next — and that's no easy feat, especially for an actress with very little film experience.

When she accepted the award, Schumer joking began her speech by saying, "Ew, who wants to hear from this b*tch again?" (For the record, the correct answer is "me and your countless other fans.")

She went on to address Lily Tomlin directly by telling her, "you should have won," but the rest of Schumer's speech was relatively short and sweet (aside from that dig at Florida). She showered praise on her sister who apparently really loves Harry Potter and is definitely holding her dog right now. Then she concluded in a rather abrupt and hilarious manner by saying, "Thank you, critics. Alright, bye!"

The Twitterverse is collectively freaking out right now:

It's been an amazing night for Schumer and it would be hard to top all of her accomplishments of 2015 — but something tells me she'll find a way to do so and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for her.