Alicia Isn't Ready To Forgive Eli On 'The Good Wife' And She Might Never Be

Eli's daughter, Marissa, returned to Chicago and attempted to broker peace between her father and Alicia on The Good Wife . Marissa was quick to pick up on the tension between Eli and Alicia in "Tracks" after her dad sent her to Alicia to ask if she might have a job available, and, naturally, she wanted to help fix it. By the end of the episode, it seemed pretty clear that Marissa wasn't going to be able to mend Alicia and Eli's relationship. Alicia isn't ready to forgive Eli on The Good Wife , and she even hinted to Marissa that she might never be able to forgive him.

Now that Peter's ill-fated campaign for President has finally come to an end, Eli has regained his position as Peter's Chief of Staff. And, in "Tracks," he tried to use that as a way to get Alicia to talk to him. Alicia, however, was not interested — she slammed the door in his face. So, the question of whether or not Alicia and Eli can still have a civil working relationship despite their friendship breakup seems to have been answered. And Alicia's refusal to interact with Eli, even in a professional capacity, has clearly rattled Eli. He couldn't even keep his composure when Marissa asked him what was wrong, and fans of the show know that it takes a lot for Eli to really show any sign of sadness.


Alicia similarly showed her vulnerability when Marissa went to talk to her. She told Marissa that she can't even think of forgiving Eli because she is just too hurt. Seeing him, knowing what he did, hurts her. It hurts so much she can't even call Eli and let him know that she could forgive him in time, as long as he gives her space. This declaration from Alicia ended the episode, suggesting that we might never see Alicia and Eli's wacky camaraderie ever again. If there's no hope for Eli and Alicia, then this really could be the end of The Good Wife as we know it.

Images: Paul Sarkis/ CBS; Giphy