What Is Lace Morris' Job? 'The Bachelor' Contestant Is A Wheeler & Dealer

If there is anything that The Bachelor fans have learned about Lace Morris, it's that she will not give up until she wins the heart of Ben Higgins. Her constant one-on-one talks with the Bachelor haven't exactly made her the most popular woman in the house (or with Ben), but Lace is nothing if not persistent. So, what is Lace's job and how does she apply her persistence in real life? According to LinkedIn, she's a Denver real estate agent and broker associate affiliated with Keller Williams and she's also done some modeling. This means she wheels and deals for a living — so no wonder she won't rest until she closes the deal with Ben!

So far, Lace has taken Ben aside several times to "clear the air" between them about past conversations, lack of eye contact, being interrupted, and has issued several apologies. Each one-on-one talk has seemed to dig Lace deeper and deeper into a weird, insecure place. All I want is for Lace to take a chill pill and listen to "Let It Go" from Frozen — Idina Menzel has some good advice for her in those lyrics (i.e. let it go!).

But, if things don't work out between her and Ben, at least she has a good job waiting for her back in Denver. Here's a little more about her work history:

She Went To School For Sports & Hospitality

According to Lace's LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in hospitality and sports communication.

She Received Her Real Estate License In 2014

Lace got her license from Kaplan Professional Schools, according to her LinkedIn.

She Joined Keller Williams In 2015

According to her LinkedIn profile, in October of last year, Lace became an agent and broker associate affiliated with Keller Williams, one of the largest real estate franchises in the world.

She Has Several Specialties

Lace listed her buying and selling specialties on her real estate website: Buyers, sellers, luxury, and residential. But the URL to her website includes the subdomain "Lace Sells Colorado," so I think it sounds like her interests lie most in selling.

But, She Doesn't Have Rep Any Properties On The Market Right Now

Lace's website has a place to list her current properties, but right now there are none. Perhaps she's taking a break from the buying and selling to promote The Bachelor.

And, She Models!

On her Instagram account, Lace posted several flawless modeling pics of herself posing for The Diamond Reserve.

She's Cecily Strong's Twin

The Saturday Night Live cast member recently posted about the resemblance between her and Lace, which has been apparently texted to her many, many times since The Bachelor premiered earlier this month. "Stop being jealous," Strong said in the caption of her IG post. "Let me and Lace be us." So, if things don't work out on The Bachelor, maybe Lace and Strong can take this twins act to SNL.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC