Cute Portable Power Chargers For Gals On The Move

When your phone dies and you're in the middle of sending an important email, the term "frustrating" can't describe the potentially dire situation you may find yourself in. Therefore, if you're a gal on the go, you might want to invest in a pretty, portable power charger. An extra power pack for your devices should be a necessity for anyone who relies on their phone for work when they're out of the office. Business doesn't stop for anyone, not even those whose phones have died.

When your phone runs out of juice and you're on the move, the only thing you can think about is how to find a power supply. The constant problem solving and worrying could make you less productive. Plus, the fact you were working on your phone could mean that your time spent commuting or traveling between business meetings is rendered useless. Basically, not having a working phone when you really need one could be bad for business. It's also not good for your personal life either. With a dead phone you can't ask your partner to pick you up from work when it's pouring with rain, you can't book an emergency doctor's appointment, or organize a last minute babysitter.

So in order to stay productive, organized, and contactable, pick up a gorgeous portable power charger.

1. The Classic Stripe Style

Kate Spade New York Charger - Candy Stripe, $40, Amazon

If your aim is to look professional and stylish, a classic black and white stripe design is sure to convey the right message. Compatible with most mobiles, this Kate Spade charger will be instantly recognizable by those in the know, so those working in the fashion industry may wish to opt for this style.

2. The Rose Gold Charger

Slim Rose Gold Portable Power Charger, $24, Urban Outfitters

Color co-ordinate with your iPhone with a rose gold power charger, or make any smartphone look sophisticated with this simple yet elegant design.

3. The Heart Shape Charger

I Heart You 4000 mAh Portable Power Charger, $38, Urban Outfitters

It won't take long for you to fall in love with this cute charger, especially once it's saved your bacon a couple of times.

4. The Feather Design

Triple C Power Card Ultra Thin Charger, $36, Anthropologie

This feminine, feather design charges mobile phones, speakers, and more via its USB cable.

5. The Pastel Power Charger

REON Power Bank – Watercolor Triangle Pattern – Custom Portable Charger, $22, Etsy

This fun, watercolor design charger is compatible with Apple®, Android and Windows phones and tablets. There are a range of REON designs to choose from if pastels don't tickle your fancy.

6. The Iridescent Style Portable Charger for Lightning Port – Disco & Lilac, $30, Amazon

This sparkly style would be a perfect choice for a real life unicorn. That is, if they had mobile phones and fingers to use them!

7. The Robot Head

Robot Head Portable Charger Bionic Battery Box, $50, Firebox

If you're searching for something kooky to match your quirky business or personality, you may find what you're looking for in this Robot Head Portable Charger. According to the Firebox website which sells this charger, "...the Robot Head Portable Charger is the number 1 selling portable charger in Japan..." A bestseller and a cool design? What more could you ask for!

8. The Midas Touch Portable Charger for Lightning Port – Petite Part Dots & Blush, $30, Amazon

For those wishing to add a spot of chicness to their lives, this gold speckled charger should do the trick.

9. The French Charger

Triple C Power Card Ultra Thin Charger, $36, Anthropologie

Jet-setters are sure to adore this luxe, gold charger which reads, "Yes" in French. Let it inspire you to say, "Yes" to more business trips abroad.

10. The Marble Slab

White Marble 8000 mAh Portable Power Charger, $58,

This decadent design cleverly fuses the luxurious likeness of marble with modern technology.

11. The Novelty Milk Carton Charger

Long Life Milk Portable Chargers, $21.39,

This witty charger, based on the packaging of long life milk, comes in 3 designs including: original, banana, or strawberry.

Prepare yourself for the worst with an attractive portable power charger for work or play.

Images: Courtesy Brands