Why Did Justin Bieber Dye His Famous Hair Purple?

When you are pop music royalty, you need the requisite hair color to match. Justin Bieber dyed his hair purple over the weekend. The singer has long since ditched his signature swoopy bangs, which were a fixture when he burst onto the mainstream scene. But as of late, he's dumped his usual shiny brown locks in favor of platinum blonde. Now, he's purple. In 2015, he brought back the Bieber man bun and he rehabbed his problematic, bratty image and delivered an album full of hits in the form of Purpose. So change has been afoot for Bieber for a while now. But why, exactly, did Bieber dye his hair purple of all colors?

What is the significance of this particular shade and this coif change? As it turns out, there are many reasons that purple is a fitting hue for The Biebs' 'do.

The singer didn't share any insight as to why he opted for purple hair now in the captions of his Instagram posts. In fact, he provided absolutely no context at all. Still, I can speculate about his reasons.

Here are my three best and most Bieber-informed guesses about this purple hair choice and the accompanying arguments about why I think he went this route.

1. Pop Music Royalty

Oh, look at that. The Biebs, both shirtless and rocking purple hair in his preferred man bun style. Somewhere, Selena Gomez is swooning. I know that millions of Beliebers are weak in dem knees about their pop music hero.

That said, on the straight conceptual level, purple is a regal shade that has long been associated with royalty. The Biebs is the reigning prince of pop, so having purple hair makes sense from that perspective. No, it's not a deep, dark purple. But it is purple nonetheless.

2. It's His Fave Color

Also, even the most casual Beliebers know that purple is Bieber's favorite color. He's never hidden that fact and has worn it often. In this video interview, the singer answered a bunch of questions, confirming that purple is his preferred shade, despite having a newfound passion for gold. He's an international pop star. Therefore, he can have fun changing up his look to include purple hair.

3. Change Is Good

You can get a better look at Bieber with his light purple locks in this IG pic. He mentions the gym, but says nothing about his reasons and rationale for going purple. It's not a pure or a full purple, either. He could be easing into this new look or getting his fans ready for an even more dramatic new look down the road.

All told, he is keeping us guessing.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Bieber has been rocking platinum blonde for several months, this is not a huge or drastic change for him at this point. It's likely that he wanted to do something a bit fun and edgy without going overboard.

His hair is a silvery blonde and purple here. It's almost like his take on the merman hair trend.

At the end of the day, his reasons are likely super simple. He likes purple. He has the ability and the cash to change his hair on a whim. He's a creative type and his look can reflect that.

Images: Justin Bieber/Instagram (4)