Who Is Jason Wilkes On 'Agent Carter'? Season 2 Could Give Peggy A New Love Interest

I think we can all agree that there are no two people better suited for each other than Captain America and Peggy Carter. They're both stubborn, passionate about their jobs, and possess the ability to kick some serious butt when need be. However, given that the Captain is currently busy chilling in the North Atlantic (quite literally), we can't expect Peggy to live a life of solitude forever. Odds are someone will eventually catch her eye and it just may very well be Agent Carter Season 2's newest character, Jason Wilkes. Played by actor Reggie Austin, Jason is described as a quirky yet charismatic scientist working at Isodyne, who instantly charms our leading lady. And according to a recent interview Austin had with Marvel.com, their chemistry together may even result in Jason becoming Peggy's new love interest.

"The season starts with Peggy just discovering something crazy has happened in Los Angeles," Austin shared with the site. "Sousa moved there six months ago and then she moved there to help out with an investigation and discovers something odd and crazy. In the course of that, [she] bumps into me [and I] help her sort out what they’re doing. Sparks may or may not fly as a result!" And while at times it can be hard to discern who our main characters can and can't trust, it seems (for now) as though Jason will definitely be one of the good guys throughout Season 2. In fact, we'll soon discover that he and Peggy actually have quite a lot in common, which is one of the major things that will draw them to each other.

"We’ve seen Season 1 with Peggy as a woman rising through the ranks, working with the SSR, trying to make a name for herself and trying to stand of her own accord," Austin went on to explain. "This season, you have Jason Wilkes working for this company, Isodyne, as one of the top scientists in his field, but he’s had to work hard to get there. It’s sort of a similar struggle of an African-American and a woman in the 1940s to try to succeed, so I think that they both see that in one another and that’s part of where the chemistry and connection comes from."

But, of course, Jason isn't the only one vying for Peggy's affections. Poor Daniel Sousa has been pinning over her since Day 1, so odds are fans could end up seeing a love triangle bloom as the season progresses. However, don't let romance be the only thing to associate this new character with. Given that Jason works at Isodyne Energy — a company involved in the nuclear testing of the atom bomb — I'd say he could end up becoming a very valuable asset to Peggy on both a personal and professional level. Let's just hope that his involvement won't end up putting his life in danger in the process — or, even worse, end up shifting his alliance over to the dark side.

According to his Marvel comics counterpart, Jason gets hired to do research on something called an invisibility ray. However, there prove to be some interesting side effects — such as invisibility and intangibility — after Jason decides to test the ray on himself. (You know, because tampering with any kind of radiation has always worked out really well in the past.) Granted, it's too early to tell if Agent Carter's Jason will follow in this comic book character's footsteps or forge his own path, but for his own sake (and the sake of Peggy's less-than-lucky love life), I seriously hope it turns out to be the latter.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC (3)