Jennifer Aniston's Reaction To Justin Theroux Presenting An Award Is Both Hilarious & Loving

Take note: If you get in the way of Jennifer Aniston seeing her husband Justin Theroux working it on stage at an awards show, she will not be happy. During Sunday's 2016 Critics' Choice Awards, Aniston's reaction to Theroux presenting on stage was both hilarious and loving. The Leftovers actor, who was also nominated at the CCAs for Best Actor in a Drama Series, was presenting the award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie with his co-star Liv Tyler, however someone got in Aniston's way when it came to seeing her man on stage.

As you can see below, it appears that someone is blocking the former Friends actor from watching Theroux announce the category. She lifts her arm and waves her hand as to say, "Hey! I can't see my husband. Get out of my way!" If you look closely at her lips (or if you're an expert lip reader), it seems like Aniston is saying, "Move."

There is nothing worse than attending an event and having someone getting in the way, stand up at the most inopportune time, or stay in your line of sight throughout the duration. You know you'd react just like Aniston — or at least I would. And I have before.

Apparently, no matter if he's presenting, nominated, or winning an award, Aniston doesn't want to be interrupted in watching Theroux strut his stuff. I mean, can you blame her?