Is Taylor's Fashion Line Available In The US?

As if she weren't busy enough starring in gorgeous music videos, it looks like the wildly popular "Wildest Dreams" singer has made a major foray into the fashion industry: She just showed her first collection at Hong Kong Fashion Week — which immediately begs the question, is Taylor Swift's fashion line available in the U.S.?

Short answer: No. In fact, the line was created in part to help compete with counterfeiters attempting to sell products under Swift's name (which was apparently especially rampant in China, according to WWD), and as a result, is unfortunately sold exclusively on popular Chinese e-commerce destinations and TMall. Even more unfortunately? There are ample warnings on Heritage66's website that the above mentioned sites are the only safe places to buy authentic products from the collection — so old reliables when it comes to buying apparel from overseas like eBay and Amazon may be out as well.

It's quite a shame, since the collection boasted the prerequisite "tight little skirts," as well as all the "Taylor Swift" emblazoned cutesy T-shirts you could ever ask for (and the models all sported "that red lip classic look that you like," of course). Taken together, the collection felt like a fun little field trip to the pop star's street style closet — somewhere most of us have dreamed of visiting someday, alas.

That said, if you're a particularly intrepid (and bilingual) online shopper, you can always take a crack at and Tmall — pieces range from $20 to $40, so it might even be worth whatever the shipping costs from China would be.

And heck, even for us non-China-based/non-Chinese-speaking people, there's hope: Part of the reason Heritage66 decided to showcase the line at Hong Kong Fashion Week was because the line is doing so well — and they wanted to see if other international stores were interested in carrying the brand. Kate Liegey (the chief operating officer of Heritage66) told WWD, "Everybody wants the product line," adding that Dubai, Uruguay, and Mexico were among those interested in Swift's collection.

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Plus, I've honestly got my fingers crossed that this Hong Kong Fashion Week showing is just the first of many — because if we know Taylor Swift, we know she's got New York Fashion Week (heck, maybe even Paris Fashion Week or Milan Fashion Week) in her sights.

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Here's officially hoping Taylor's next collection finds its way stateside.

Images: Heritage 66 Company (2)