6 Facts About Women & Solo Sex

In gender inequality news, guys have been gifted their very own masturbation booth in New York City, leaving us ladies stuck with the usual public restrooms and back alleys to do the deed. This "GuyFi" spot — which consists of a curtain-covered phone booth with a laptop inside — is more like a promotional art installation by the sex toy company Hot Octopuss, but raises questions nonetheless: why don't we talk more about female masturbation? Isn't it time the topic was just as mundane as male masturbation? And really, where is our public masturbation booth, and why can't there be a gender neutral masturbation booth for all folks to pleasure themselves inside?

In case you were wondering, yes, it is still illegal to masturbate in public, but Hot Octopuss erected their simulated den of solo sex because 39 percent of guys they surveyed admitted to masturbating at work. There isn't any readily available data on the number of women who masturbate at work, but based on personal research, I guarantee there are a substantial number of ladies who like to de-stress on the job on a regular basis.

So in the spirit of celebrating ourselves, here are six facts about female masturbation that just might convince the city we deserve our own faux jerk off station, stat.

1. 21.5 Percent Of Women Ages 25-29 Masturbate Multiple Times Per Month

According to Indiana University's National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, 21.5 percent of women and 25.4 percent of men engage in sexual healing all by their lonesome either weekly or multiple times per month. In general, men do report masturbating more than women do, but this category is where the gap between the sexes really starts to close. That's over 1 in 5, y'all! Keep up the good work.

2. Masturbating Can Stave Off UTIs And Other Health Problems

A recent study suggests that masturbation can help prevent cervical and urinary tract infections in women and maybe even decrease their chances of getting type-2 diabetes, so why are taking vitamins and eating fruits and vegetables on every health conscious person's list but frequent masturbation isn't?

3. Masturbation Helps You Sleep Better

You don't need a doctor to tell you jerking off can help put you in the zone for a restful night's sleep, but here's one with that very advice just in case.

4. Masturbation Boosts Self-Esteem

The more you get in touch with yourself, the more you'll like yourself. Masturbation has frequently been linked to boosting self-esteem in women, so why not show yourself a little self love.

5. Masturbation Decreases Anxiety

Masturbation releases a surge of dopamine, a very happy hormone that helps reduce anxiety and ease depression — and it's way cheaper than any legal (or illegal) drug.

6. Masturbation Helps Hone Your Focus

To most, masturbation creates a singular focus on achieving orgasm, but it can also remind you how much day-to-day psychological clutter is in your head. For advanced pleasure-seekers, try envisioning a goal while you get off — some more mystical folks say it's a great way to manifest your desires.

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