When Will Becca Tell Ben She's A Virgin? 'The Bachelor' Contestant Shouldn't Feel Rushed

Last year, on The Bachelor, Becca Tilley was very close to becoming Chris Soules' fiancée. While on the show, Becca revealed that she was a virgin. Chris, who "respected" her decision, was a bit taken aback by the announcement (which came on Week 9). Now, Becca is in a similar situation, and might have fans wondering when Becca will tell Ben she's a virgin. Will she tell him earlier on in the season, wait until they form a real relationship, or not tell him at all? Either way, Becca shouldn't feel forced to make any type of Virgin Status Announcement if she doesn't want to.

Becca's virginity is a private matter that has become very public because of the show. Within seconds of walking out of the limo to meet Ben, Chris Harrison brought up the fact that Becca was a virgin, igniting the public's curiosity about her personal decisions once again. But the truth of the matter is, Becca's virginity is no one's concern but her own. It's really none of our business if Becca decides to tell Ben. What is important, however, is that she is able to tell him if and when she feels comfortable to do so.

We'll have to wait to see if Becca gets to that point in the show, though. Becca decided to tell Chris about her virginity Week 9, during the Fantasy Suite dates. She was a final three contestant at that point, with a high chance of winning. It makes sense that she waited until then to tell something so personal and private. It would also make sense that she might want to wait and do the same with Ben, if she stays around that long.

Then again, the information is out. Because it was so publicized on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, Ben might already know that Becca is a virgin. My guess is that he has seen The Bachelor season before him, which would mean he saw Becca's entire journey on the show. Becca might choose to not even give it attention if she knows that Ben is aware of it already.

No matter what, it's crucial that Becca does this on her own time. Whether she decides to have a private conversation with Ben or if she tells him on a group date in front of all the other women, she's capable of making the best decisions for herself and everyone should respect that.

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Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC