Jodi Stachowski's Newest Claim Against Steven Avery Is Absolutely Shocking

On Making A Murderer, millions of viewers saw an allegation — that was not admissible in court — made against Steven Avery that claimed he had allegedly tied photographer Teresa Halbach to a bed before killing her. This accusation was never allowed to be presented in court, because it came from the pretrial confession of Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey. But now Avery's ex-fiancee Jodi Stachowski claims Steven Avery tied her to a bed, too, TMZ reported, adding on to the disturbing allegations of domestic abuse she has made against him.

Although Avery was found guilty of Halbach's murder, he has not commented on Stachowski's allegations. According to TMZ, Stachowski claimed Avery used rope to tie her to a bedpost and then wanted to videotape them having sex while she was tied down. Stachowski said that she was so clear in not wanting to participate in the alleged situation that he eventually backed down.

Just last week in an interview that aired on Nancy Grace's show, Stachowski claimed Avery had abused her throughout their relationship:

He choked me one night. Well, actually, he started hitting me, so I called the police. So he choked me and was dragging me out the door so we could leave before the police got there and we were driving down the road. The police that were on the way pulled over and they took me out of the car and asked me what was going on. They arrested him and ordered him to stay away from me for three days.

Although Stachowski was presented as a loving, trusting fiancee who believed Avery was innocent in the filming of Making A Murderer, she now says she believes Avery is guilty and claims that she only acted that way in the docuseries because Avery allegedly told her she'd "pay" if she didn't say nice things about him.

Avery was found guilty of Halbach's 2005 murder, but Making A Murderer examined the case and Avery's lawyers' claims that the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department was involved in the planting of evidence, something the department absolutely denies. Avery's nephew, then-16-year-old Dassey, confessed to his and his uncle's alleged involvement in the murder — and that's where the claim about Avery allegedly tying Halbach to the bed came from — but Dassey's attorneys claim it was a false confession obtained using interrogation tactics.

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Image: Netflix; Nancy Grace/HLN