6 Times Olivia's 'Bachelor' Mouth Was You

There may have only been three episodes of The Bachelor so far, but there is one contestant who has already become a Bachelor meme with staying power: Olivia Caridi. Since securing plenty of Ben Higgins' attention (and that all important First Impression Rose on night one), we've learned something important about her, other than the fact that she's not one to back down from a challenge. She has a giant mouth, and she likes opening it when she's feeling basically any and all emotions, and it wasn't just last week's episode, either. Olivia's mouth is here to stay, and actually I feel like I can identify with it.

I'll put it this way. As part of the human race, we've all experienced those wide-open mouth moments, whether we're shocked, angry, happy, excited, or all of the above. And, OK, so most of us aren't opening our mouths in anticipation of rose ceremonies and one-on-one dates, but Olivia is still easy to identify with.

I will never understand why Olivia feels the need to open her mouth so widely and so often, or how it's even humanly possible. But, maybe it's not our job to understand the mouth. Maybe it's the mouth who understands us.

1. When You're Actually Really Tired, But Trying To Play It Off As Excited

No, best friend. I'm totally paying attention to what you're saying about your date and not calculating the hours in my head until I can go to sleep.

2. When You Go To Sleep Broke & Wake Up To See The Direct Deposit Hit

Instant millionaire. Well, 'til bills are due, anyway.

3. When You Get A Surprise Onion Ring In Your French Fries

It means good luck for the rest of the day.

4. When It's 5:00 On Friday

You are never farther away from Monday than you are on Friday afternoon.

5. When You Managed To Snag Adele Tickets & No One Else Did

It's like the ticket gods were smiling down on you. I know that feeling. It's the best feeling. Don't gloat. Just open your mouth and silently let all the bragging out like Olivia does.

6. When It's 7:59 On A Monday Vs. When It's 8:00 & Bachelor Time

Let's be real: This is all of us.

Olivia, your mouth is huge, but I will give you credit where credit is due. Thank you so much for providing us with this gift that will live on in Bachelor Nation for years to come.

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Image: ABC