Maxwell Lord Is Spying On 'Supergirl' & Now Understands Her Connection To Alex

He hasn't got an ounce of alien blood in him, but with each passing episode Maxwell Lord becomes more and more evil. He may not yet know the identity of the vigilante, but Maxwell Lord knows Supergirl and Alex are sisters, thanks to some deftly placed security camera in her purse. He also casually learned that Hank Henshaw is a Martian, I'm pretty sure. Nothing good can possibly come of that information.

I bet you thought this storyline was going to be all about Martian Manhunter learning the value of "outing" himself as an alien, didn't you? At the beginning of the episode, Kara, Hank/J'onn J'onzz, and Alex closed in on Room 52's location. In order to distract Maxwell, Alex asked him to dinner (which was convenient, am I right 'shippers). She "allowed" him to wine and dine her. Sure, right. Meanwhile, J'onn impersonated Lord and broke into Room 52. He saw the Kara Doll/Zombie/Jane Doe, which has a new name: Code Phoenix. Seems appropriate, and rather lighthearted. I still don't know who she's supposed to be. He took pictures of the creature... and then used his Martian powers to severely wipe the memory of a henchman. Alex thought she was one step ahead of Maxwell Lord and now there's egg, or pizza, all over her face.

I know it's wrong, but the 'shipper in me be damned, I just want Alex and Max to have more scenes together on Supergirl. They're so good! I know he's evil. But they're so good! She called him a "reformed nerd with a God complex," which I kinda love. She knows he's evil and he knows that he can't trust her. Plus, we still don't know Maxwell Lord's endgame, and the fact that he's gathering of this information does not bode well for anybody.

Image: Robert Voets/CBS