Emily's Secret Is Concerning In 'PLL' Season 6

by Rosie Narasaki

Just as all fans expected, Pretty Little Liars Season 6B opened with quite a bang — courtroom breakdowns! Awkward ex encounters! Mothers running for state senator! Surprise murders! Surprise funerals! There were certainly a lot of twists and turns throughout the midseason premiere, and one of the biggest jaw-droppers of all came tumbling out of a Liar's purse. What is Emily hiding on Pretty Little Liars ? The prescription pills and syringes she had make this a very concerning mystery.

Unfortunately, everyone involved with PLL has been characteristically tight-lipped about what's going on with Emily. Shay Mitchell said in an interview with BuzzFeed that her character is "dealing with a lot of things," but gave no further details (except that Emily might be a little to preoccupied for any romantic involvement with Alison right now). Likewise, when asked about Emily's big secret, showrunner/secret monger I. Marlene King admitted that the medication was part of her major storyline for the season, as she told The Hollywood Reporter, "It’s one big secret tied into two secrets. Two of her secrets are folding into the giant, bigger secret."

So, what's secret number 1? Secret number 2? What's the giant, bigger secret? And could the giant, bigger secret somehow be a part of the giant, bigger secret of the show in general, or is it something completely separate? Let's weigh the options.

She Has A Drug Addiction

It's possible that during the five years PLL skipped, Emily Fspent time in rehab. The fact that she never graduated college (and is lying about it) could point to time spent in a rehab center, causing her to miss classes, and the syringes could suggest to a subsequent relapse. That said, the shock factor of seeing Emily furtively swallowing pills and hurriedly shoving syringes in her purse feels like something of a trademark Pretty Little Liars red herring. And for more theories on Emily's secret, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

She Has Depression

Emily already suffered from PTSD following the dollhouse, and then her father died, and she eventually dropped out of college. It's likely that those prescription pills we saw her hiding in her purse are actually her own legitimate prescription for some form of anti-depressant or anxiety medication. However, that doesn't explain the syringes, though that could be the second secret.

She's Diabetic

It's quite possible that the syringes in Emily's bag are not as nefarious as they look, and she has developed diabetes, which can require insulin injections.

She's Part of An Experimental Study

Emily could have a severe illness of some kind and has sought an experimental-yet-potentially-life-saving treatment as a result. While it would be all-around terrible if Emily was seriously sick, it would definitely open things up plotwise. After all, who knows what she (often considered one of the more sensible Liars), would do if she thought she didn't have much time left? What would she do if she had nothing to lose?

She's Trying to Get Pregnant...

This may sound like something of a crack theory, but hear me out: Some women with fertility issues have to inject themselves with treatments — Emily could be taking some sort of fertility drugs.

...Or She Could Be Helping Someone Else Get Pregnant

Alternatively, is it at all possible that Emily is acting as an egg donor? Egg donors can also use fertility drug injections, and according to the New York Times can be paid up to $10,000. Emily expressed concern about money in the Season 6B premiere, so maybe she has become an egg donor in an attempt to earn more.

All Of The Above

Look, we know the unofficial motto of Pretty Little Liars is basically, "Go big, or go home." Maybe Emily's mixing street drugs with prescription drugs. Maybe she has depression and diabetes. Maybe she's donating her eggs while fighting an addiction. Until Season 6B reveals more — which could take a very long time — anything is possible.

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