Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard in 'Pan' Should Be Inspired By These 7 Epic On-Screen Whiskers

In more great folicle-related Hugh Jackman news, the singing, dancing and wolverining master of many talents will be taking on the role of Blackbeard in the upcoming origin film Pan, as reported by Justin Kroll at Variety. The film is already gaining lots of momentum with Garrett Hedlund signed on to play Captain Hook. Well helllllooooo baddies!

We all know Mr. Jackman is a most versatile actor and have no doubt he'll ace his piratesmanship as well as he did being a mutant, a thief, and everything in between. So this post is really for Hugh's facial hair. Stubble, take note, and prepare to grow.

Here are 7 great beards in film history to inspire your upcoming performance.

Hagrid, 'Harry Potter'

For the dependable and comforting beard.

Image: winds-of-desolation/Tumblr

Chuck Noland, 'Cast Away'

For the lone warrior beard.

Image: Twentieth Century Fox

Ron Burgundy, 'Anchorman'

For the comedic relief beard.

Image: bigfatboxofshit/Tumblr

Richie Tenenbaum, 'The Royal Tenenbaums'

For the indie beard that just won’t quit.

Image: thegoodfilms

Pai Mei 'Kill Bill

For the most mezmerizing beard.

Image: banteratbest/Tumblr

The Dude, 'The Big Lebowski'

For the chillest beard.

Image: eusozinho/Tumblr

Thor, 'Thor'

For a super heroically sexy beard.

Image: lexi-lou-lou/Tumblr